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June 19th 2011
Published: June 20th 2011
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Talk about ages since blogging. there's only 3 weeks of this term left. last time I wrote a blog I had just finshed week 1. That's what you get when you live in this busseling little town!
Last week started out like any normal week but by the weekend I was flat out with all the goings on around town. I will start at the beginning of the mayhem.
Thursday night my very first couch surfer rocked up. 1 night earlier than expected but luckily the house was clean! This guy is from the USA and is riding his bicycle around the world. Amazingly dedicated and a very cool guy. My first couch surfing experience was a complete success.
Next up was the HRS school auction on Friday night which I went along just to support in spirit. My wallet had other ideas and before I knew it I had purchased a brand spanking new microwave and another Mark Norvell watercolour to add to my growing collection.
Saturday was "support the school" day and I basically just procrastinated by going from car wash to sausage sizzle to cake stall. Needless to say my reports did not get finished on Saturday. Come 5.30pm Saturday afternoon I had a glass of Pink in my hand and I was dressed as Glinda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz. All in aid of the District High School'sTheatre Restaurant. Not a cheap night out at $50 a ticket but it certainly was a laugh. I had costume envy the moment I walked in the door. We stumbled home some time after midnight and I did suffer slightly the next day.
Sunday was also full on. I nursed my coffee cup tenderly as my dogsitting friend Lucy the golden retriever comforted me and my Vegemite toast. Later I dragged my butt into school for some last minute report tweaking before I manned up and put a cider in my hands at the Mud Crab racing. A fantastic Sunday session but my poor mate ANZAC the crab (yes he looked like he'd been in the wars) played dead in his big debut. After the sun went down I took myself off to the Windmill Cafe for Chuvaun's farewell dinner. A sad occasion and I will miss her terribly.
Just as I walked in the front door at 9pm Lucy the slippery dog ran off down the street and into the darkness. So couchsurfer and myself went off in a mad panic to find her. Me praying with every bone in my body that we would find her. Luckily couch surfer spotted her and brought her home without too much fuss. I was extremely thankful and will be more watchful of her from now on.
Tonight I have the house to myself and am going home to put my feet up cos I bloody well didn't do much of that this weekend.
Stay tuned for next week's enstallment cos I have another massive one planned. Whoever said country living was quiet didn't live in Derby!!!


21st June 2011

Social butterfly
Hi darling. Good to see you are enjoying life, especially the social side of it! I am wondering what the subject of the new water colour is??? Has mark mentioned the footballer watercolour again? Loads of love to you,Mum.

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