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February 27th 2011
Published: February 27th 2011
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This week has been filled with err.... water. In every sense imaginable!

Firstly, it has rained every day this week. Often accompanied by thunder and lightning. Although it is great for the gardens and the soon to be visited nearby water holes I am a bit over it. Of course the weather is always hot and sticky so I can't really complain.

The second element of water in my life this week has to do with school. It just happens that our class theme this term is water. Our class performed the assembly item on Friday which was inspired by our topic. We put on a water song medley. We thought up lots of songs to do with water and basically just sang the bits to do with water! A great success albeit the first assembly of the year.

My water week continued on Saturday with the virtual Rottnest Swim. You may not be aware that this is even possible. Regional W.A. can participate in this event at their local swimming pool. We swam the equivilent of 20km. I did it in a team event consisting of 9 people. We each swam a bit over 2km (not all in one go) and although it was a long day I enjoyed being part of the experience.

My final water connection this weekend has been the celebration of my birthday. Since I am a March baby and therefore a picean this is definitely a water connection- especially to those who know me as "Fish". I had dinner with some new friends where the restaurant staff surprised me with a slice of Oreo birthday cake and an opportunity to 'Make a wish Fish'.

So, another week down the drain. Here is Week 5's top ten!
1. Eating a delicious birthday dinner with some new friends (but also knowing I will see my old ones soon)
2. Crossing parent info night, class mass and assembly item off my to do list
3. Competing in the Rottnest Swim which I would never have done otherwise
4. Going to pump, spin, netball and running squad this week. Feeling fitter and stronger already!
5. Getting fresh produce back in at Woolies!
6. The fact that I still haven't reached the half way mark on my January tank of fuel
7. My Mum for sorting out my Telstra woes. How will I cope for the next 3 months without her?
8. Having 4 parents show up to my parent meeting- better than none!!!
9. The restaurant where we had dinner last night painting it's walls around us while we ate. It was so quirky it was actually adorable. They even asked us to comment on their new colour scheme!
10. Booking my bus ticket to Broome in order to catch my flight to Perth this Friday!!!!!!!!

Additional photos below
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Rotto foundRotto found
Rotto found

We finally make it to 20km
Our finishing timeOur finishing time
Our finishing time

Just under 7.5 hours!
Birthday BashBirthday Bash
Birthday Bash

My redfin tuna was scrumptious
Restaurant staffRestaurant staff
Restaurant staff

I know it's a bad photo but had to get proof that they were actually painting around us.

27th February 2011

Hi Chloe I'm pleased you survived a very wetvweek. Sounds like fun and great news that you are headed home for a break. Love carolxxc

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