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November 2nd 2009
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30-10-09 Continued - We headed down the road 27 km to 423 WA Fowlers camp & got a camp right on the waters edge, you know its hard having a different backyard every night but someone has to do it. After we set up, we had a late lunch & I had a lay down, my back was a bit sore & Den went for a walk. Before I laid down he was collecting little rocks & I wondered what he was doing, when I got up I found out. A lot of places we have gone we have noticed & had a giggle at , there have been these pyramid like rock formations, like Aliens have left their mark. Thoughtful Den had made me one to mark our visit to Fowlers Camp. We had Beer Battered fish & vegs for tea (yummy) & we had an early night after watching TV, the satellite dish & generator are good. It was pretty windy so Den put the awning down.
31-10-09 Awake early & on the road by 7.30am Its very windy & we are driving into it, there goes the petrol consumption again, but not much we can do about it. We stopped at Shell Beach on the way out , how amazing, the beach consists of millions of Cockle Shells, the beach is 135km long & 9mtres deep , no sand just all these shells. They mine & make shell grit out of it & also they use it for driveways. We took some pics & got down to the waters edge & it was neat, all these people had put their names & initials on the shore made up of shells. Well we had to do the same thing , didn’t we. We left Shell beach & headed for our next free spot 412 WA Galena Bridge (Murchison River) 78km north of Kalbarri. We stopped at Billabong Roadhouse for fuel gas $1.05 . On the way there were a lot of wildflowers, but Den did not want to stop. Then went 115km to Galena Bridge free spot , we decided on a spot, it is a big camp spot with a little shade by the river. There is a strong breeze blowing , but it is keeping it cool. It is about 26deg today The camp spot has been “renovated” with good toilet facilities, garbage bins, dump point, cement picnic tables & good cement fire places. By the end of the day there would have been 8 vans. We had a lazy avo & had a walk on the riverbank & spoke to a few people, then I got tea, & we watched TV, so a very relaxing day. We did 273km today. We decided to stay another day here.
1-11-09 I woke early but dozed on & off till 8.30. Den was up about 7am, Annie & Jessie have been very good off the lead, going in & out & not wandering too far. We had bacon, eggs, tomatoes & baked beans for breakfast, yummy. We washed & tidied up & the new batteries are doing there job well. No more fridge troubles. We are doing well with our water too. Soaking the dishes in river water & then only washing up once a day, we have a bucket of river water for washing hands, it is amazing how much water you save. We also buy 10 litre water containers & use for drinking & coffee only. So we are working things out now. I caught up on diaries & photos to publish when we get to Kalbarri as we have no phone or net reception here. Den did a bit on the computer too. We went for a walk along the river & caught up with some people that we had met at Exmouth & had a chat with them for about an hour then came back for happy hour. It has been about 30deg today, so thank god it has been windy or it would have been really hot. There must have been 8 or9 vans here tonight. We had tea & I had an early night. We are off to Kalbarri tomorrow.

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