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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes September 24th 2014

Hi travel followers. Here is the latest update on our travels and adventures around Australia. We now find ourselves set up at Cervantes (The Pinnacles) on the West Australian Coast about 190kms north of Perth. We arrived here yesterday after a couple of days at Geraldton and then beautiful Port Denison/Dongara where we visited Coal Seam Conservation Park which was excellent for not only the scenery but also the wild flowers. I must also say we finally had a bad day weather wise in Dongara after 3 months of beautiful sunny, warm days. I.e. It was extremely windy and raining buckets, BUT that only lasted one day and now it is back to beautiful. From Port Denison we travelled ever further down the WA coast via lovely little towns like Leeman, Green Head and Jurien Bay. ... read more
The beach and islands at Cervantes
Port Denison coast line
Coal Seam Conservation Park wild flowers

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes April 24th 2014

Heading toward Cervantes we passed the entrance to the Pinnacles desert discovery centre which reminded us why we where here,this was to be a highlight of this region.This being Easter week leading up to the Easter long W/E we could only book in to the C/P for two days, long enough we hope to see all we wanted to see.The only caravan park in Cervantes is situated only metres from the beach with panoramic views across the Indian Ocean from the shoreline.A quirky cafe is adjacent to the C/P serving breakfast and lunch on the terrace overlooking the ocean.The owner Leslee has been collecting shells for over 40 years and displays them through the cafe , her collection is highly regarded by those who know about such things. We acquaint our self's with this small town ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes August 7th 2013

We drove from Kalbarri to Perth. On the way we stopped at Nambung National Park to see the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are big spikes of rock that stick out of the desert floor. No one is quite sure what they are. They could be a petrified forest. We drove to my friend big Kate's house to stay.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes July 19th 2013

Diesmal hab ich mich gleich ohne Frühstück auf den Weg gemacht und bin zu Fuß nach Victoria Park spaziert. Fürs Frühstück hab ich mir schon gestern ein nettes Café in der Nähe von Wicked Campervans ausgesucht, dass sich auch wirklich als Glücksgriff herausstellte: das Harvest Espresso. Der Espresso war toll und das Bananabread, das sie wie das gesamte Mehlspeisenangebot selbst machen, war ebenfalls fantastisch. Knapp vor 9 Uhr bin ich dann zu Wicked hinüberspaziert, hab kurz die Daumen gedrückt: alles hat geklappt mit der Kreditkarte. Christoph hat mir noch alles erklärt, nur die Seitentür hat leider nicht geschlossen. Aber mit Hilfe von WD40 war auch dieses Problem bald gelöst. Solche Dinge passieren halt, wenn ein Auto schon mehr als 300.000 Kilometer am Buckel hat und auch immer wieder auf unsealed roads (unasphaltierten Straßen) gefahren wird. Gegen ... read more Harvest Espresso :-)
"European Lingerie" ;-)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes June 13th 2013

Geo: -30.5036, 115.07We got into Cervantes which is a small fishing town (mainly cray fishing) quickly set up the van and then headed out to the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park. Wow it is an amazing place. You need a national park pass but we had bought one for the Bungle Bungles so it cost nothing for us to get in or ($11 per car).You can drive your car through on a one way track and there are lots of park bays to get out and look or walk around. The area is huge with thousands of limestone pinnacles formed years ago. Some reach heights of 2 metres thick and 5 metres high. It is hard to describe the area without seeing it.We went to the Lookout and also Lake Thetis which has some ... read more
Cervantes Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes March 6th 2013

In our hurry to get out of Perth, we packed up the car, bought enough canned food to last us over a week, filled up with what was to be the cheapest diesel for the next 4000 km, and drove to what seemed to be the closest and best option outside greater Perth. This ended up being New Norcia, which according to the Camps 6 book (the camper's bible in Australia) seemed like an oasis of services in the middle of nowhere, but really was just a patch of brown grass behind a roadhouse next to the road in what turned out to be Australia's only monastic town. We got our first night of sleep in the car (and the sturdy bed Øyvind had built), used all our gear for the first time since we just ... read more
First night out
Love in sight
At the beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes November 25th 2012

Camper van....yes! Angus decided that he wanted not just any van but he wanted a project. So we bought a newly decommissioned ambulance. It has amazing cupboards and oxygen hoses and stuff. It is a 2003 Mercedes Sprinter diesel, which is Angus's dream machine. It only has 147,000 kms on it and has been very well maintained. WE parked it at Tim and Chris's house. Did I mention that Tim is a shop teacher and an amazing all round handy man with an amazing workshop behind his garage. So the work started and 8 days later we are on the road. WE have a settee which folds down to make a double bed. We have sink and cupboards (br vanity). We carry 60 liters of water in jerry cans which are hooked up to the faucet. ... read more
lots of cupboards

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes June 10th 2012

Saturday 9th June, the day has finally come around and we are ready to go....well almost. Last minute shopping for food and some running repairs on the electrics on the van for the newlyweds Debbie and Steve. At around 1:30pm we finally hit the road after a ham and salad roll for lunch. First stop is a refueling stop for Steve at the cheapest diesel garage in Perth today, Neerabup? Fortunately this is on our way North on Wanneroo Rd. Next stop will be Cervantes so that we can see the pinnacles. A strange series of rock formations sticking upright out of the ground. Because you can not tow a caravan or trailer around the pinnacles park we book in to the Cervantes caravan park and pitch our tent ready for the night whilst Debbie and ... read more
Cars and caravan ready to go
The Pinnacles
Steve and Debbie

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes April 20th 2012

Cervantes 19th and 20th April Leaving Perth we headed north on the Wanneroo Rd towards Lancelin, our first ‘scheduled’ stop (coffee!). A small seaside town, that is made up of holiday homes and a small fleet of local WA Rock Lobster fisherman. The community is serviced by a few basic shops including a bakery (of course) but coffee shops were not to be seen. A vanilla slice and a milkshake had to suffice this morning and after a walk on the beach and jetty and with morning tea partaken we set off again for Cervantes along the newly constructed section of the Indian Ocean Drive. The drive itself was uneventful and despite its grand name, the road did not allow us continued views of the ocean, rather we saw countless hectares of sand dune country go ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes May 15th 2011

Saturday, 14th and because of the rather late night we were a bit slow getting going. It was a little cloudy and cool but, hoping it would warm up as the day went on, we packed the snorkelling gear in the car. I prepared a picnic in case we happened upon an ideal picnic spot but our main destination today was The Pinnacles. This is one of Australia’s iconic images: the Pinnacles Desert where thousands of huge limestone pillars rise out from the shifting yellow sands. Eight years ago we went with a local tour but today we drove there ourselves and our WA National Parks Pass came into play allowing us ‘free’ entry. The entrance to Nambung National Park, as it is now called, was about10 kms off the main highway south of Cervantes. The ... read more
There's no clue here of the hidden wonders ahead
First view of The Pinnacles Desert
This looked very like a camel to us

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