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December 1st 2005
Published: December 2nd 2005
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It’s true what they say about Perth, it is very windy. The photos in this blog as we travelled further down the West Coast look like some kind of paradise and they would have been except for one thing……..the wind. We have managed, although some people we have met haven’t fared as well, bent tent poles and the like. We have gradually become accustomed to the cooler weather, low to mid 20’s and have largely managed to escape any wet weather. The weather today in Fremantle is more like it - 32degrees.

Thanks Ange, very entertaining and informative and … entertaining. Well better get on with it. I’m typing from the deck of a cafe because its easier than balancing on an unergonomic chair. (Yes, it’s a real word.) We are currently in Hopetoun which makes this entry hopelessly out of date. Not to worry. The weather has been cold, windy, wet, warm, sunny, hot and humid. Just like Melbourne. Since last time. We have moved along the west coast of WA and found some great beaches, some weird inhabitants (if you ever go to Quobba or Port Gregory you’ll understand) and lots of places to ‘latte’. The kids have
Molly's fishMolly's fishMolly's fish

Caught near the jetty in Kalbarri. Ange caught a 45 foot bream nearby. No, really.
met royalty (Prince Leonard and he even let them take a picture in his royal office), we’ve seen more Pinnacles than you could trow a stick at and even had a crack at fishing along the way. Freo has been fantastic and really easy place to spend a week in. Anyway, its time to go and we’ll try to get one last entry in before we get back.

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Prince LeonardPrince Leonard
Prince Leonard

Royalty has always been attracted to our family....simply because we buy souvenirs.
Pink Lake @ Port GregoryPink Lake @ Port Gregory
Pink Lake @ Port Gregory

Yes it really is pink.
Geraldton jailGeraldton jail
Geraldton jail

About time!!!
Geraldton sand dunesGeraldton sand dunes
Geraldton sand dunes

About 5 minutes out of town. We had to dodge quad bikes and motorbikes who were jumping all over the place. Even got the photos to prove it.
Geraldton sand dunesGeraldton sand dunes
Geraldton sand dunes

Coming down is easier.
Geraldton beachGeraldton beach
Geraldton beach

Fishing.....great place to catch weeds. A big weed season this year in the west.
Lucy's beachLucy's beach
Lucy's beach

Named after one of the early settlers...pretty attractive.

Historical settlement
Haystack Pinnacles Haystack Pinnacles
Haystack Pinnacles

In the heart of Pinnacles country.

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