3rd July 2012 (Carnarvon)

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July 3rd 2012
Published: July 4th 2012
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Wow I needed that sleep. Charles and I have decided to hang loose for the day and catch up on paperwork, washing, make a list of things that we would like to do in Carnarvon.

The caravan park is really nice and the girls are really enjoying playing on the bouncy castle and playground.

The weather is certainly an improvement than Perth with a lovely 26oC day, enjoying wearing shorts even with my white legs on show, hopefully won't take long to tan them, if not temporary measures may need to be resorted to.

The girls are all hot and bothered after hours on the bouncy castle and are now asking to go for a swim in the pool, however, I've been warned that it is abit chilly in the water. But a mum needs to do what a mum needs to do, can't send Charles down as he's busy sorting things out on the van. We doned our bathers, slip slop slapped and off we went, my eldest went in first.... Brrrrrr she's out. Then my youngest wouldn't go in before me so in I went, oh my goodness my freezer would of been warmer than that pool, out I get. My eldest went back in the brave sole, then my youngest decides to get in. I think we were down there for 20 mintues then back at the van getting warm again. My eldest daughter who normally doesn't feel the cold, declined to go back in the pool when asked by Charles to go for swim, I wonder why.

I think it will need to warm up considerably for us to go in the pool again.

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5th July 2012

Just how cold............
can a pool in Australia be? Me thinks you guys are a little spoilt :). Love the pics!
7th July 2012

Just how cold......
Yes Julie, surprisingly enough yes the pools can be cold in Australia. Well the one in Carnarvon was, the ocean was apparently warmer....
7th August 2012

I like your funny face Alicia.

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