2nd July 2012 (Galena Bridge (Murchison River) - Carnarvon)

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July 2nd 2012
Published: July 4th 2012
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Well I awoke from having not such a great sleep. It was a cold night and with only running off the battery and not being able to put the heater on, I was somewhat not toasty warm that I like to be. I also was in unfamiliar territory, camping out in the middle of nowhere so one ear was on nature outside the other was asleep so needless to say I was feeling very weary.

After making sure we all had breakfast to re-energise this weary sole we packed up and hit the road at 9am making our way to Carnarvon.

Our update on the tyre at the back is not good, tyre pressure is still escaping which is of some concern. Even though it was a slow leak it certainly needed looking at when we get into Carnarvon.

Heading up the wheel again, it was a beautiful day with clear skies and the sun beaming, we could certainly feel the temperature rising. Glorious.

Charles my husband has not been passed the turnover to Kalbarri so this was all new to him. For the last two years the girls and I have travelled up to Coral Bay so we knew what we had to look out for. Cattle, sheep, goats, kangaroos, emus and eagles. I put Charles on watch and he kept on saying

I don't know what you are talking about with these eagles, there's no eagles.

He didn't have to wait long, there was this eagle sitting on a dead kangaroo on the side of the road, upon our approach it took flight and Charles got to witness the magnitude of this magnificent bird. He was amazed. We then saw a couple more on our trip up which was totally amazing and broke up the drive.

Arriving into Carnarvon mid afternoon we headed straight to a tyre repair shop, to find out that we had a hole in the rim of the tyre that was leaking. Not happy considering this should of been fixed when we took it in for fixing in Perth. Any how now point crying over spilt milk so we had to organise through Jayco to have another rim shipped up from Perth overnight. Looks like we need to stay a couple more days in Carnarvon over what we original thought.

Checked into the caravan park for four nights and Charles let me reverse the van for the first time under his instruction on the two ways. Didn't think I done too bad if I do say so myself but with excellent instruction from the other half.

Setup as much as we could then enjoyed the baked beans on toast with a glass of wine or three. I certainly needed to sleep.


5th July 2012

Genetically connected............
Dear Cindy, you have just proven that we are gentically connected and very similar.. baked beans on toast with a glass of wine or three is definitely idyllic in any circumstance. Try lathering it with a beautiful thick creamy cheddar and grilling till all melted...... that is true paradise.
7th July 2012

Genetically connected............
Yes we definitely are.. I'm sure there are going to be many a more days where those baked beans are going to land on our plates... hehe

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