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25 years of marital bliss. Spare me the shocked expressions, there is no tongue planted firmly in the cheek. It's been a quarter of a century jam packed with the type of credentials that a marriage CV should boast. A 25th anniversary should also warrant a special location to celebrate other than Cronulla. Ten years ago for our 15th, Penny and I found ourselves planted at a Mediterranean-hugging seafood restaurant in cutesy Piran, Slovenia's mini Dubrovnik. Yeah, I know, another one. There are as many mini Dubrovniks as there are mini Venices but Piran's comparison is justifiable. Anyway, at that point in our lives it was decided we should be shoehorning somewhere exotic into the calendar every 5 years come May 17. So what about 20 years? Glad you asked. Cannon Beach on Oregon's redwood-lined coast ... read more
Middle Lagoon local
May 17. Time to crack the Moët.
Trudging up to Cape Leveque Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque May 14th 2016

Middle Lagoon 180km north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula. Home to the Bardi Jawi people who were the original inhabitants in this beautiful part of Australia. 3 Nights relaxing with the beach at our front door. Up early and to bed early each night with the sound of lapping waves on the shore. Everyone partaking in fishing with some success, catching reef shark, cod, long tom and spangled emperor. The snorkelling amazing with a view of both large and small reef fish. From clown fish, angelfish to trevelly and reef shark. We saw large rays and sea turtles. Even the coral was amazing. The water temperature like a Luke warm bath close to shore, air temperature in the low 30's each day. For a 1/2 day trip we visited Cape Leveque, One Arm Point and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque June 21st 2015

A very early start for this tour was required (5.45am) but we were held up as a couple turned up after 6.00. No apology offered but just waltzed in. You feel like smacking them. This was a tour to see King Sound (renowned for its 10m tides), which feeds the world famous natural phenomenon of the Horizontal Waterfalls. We visited to see the whirlpools created by the tides and a tidal waterfall at a 7,000 year old reef that is absolutely spectacular. This is a cruise for thrillseekers. We took a sealegs amphibious vehicle out to the rigid inflatable that was moored in Cygnet Bay and then we were away! Two 250hp Honda motors provide plenty of go! We learnt about the pearl operation as we cruised past the oyster beds in the bay and then ... read more
Our transport
At speed on the bay
Mangroves and rocks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque June 20th 2015

After lots of favourable reports, we decided to visit Lombadina (a small aboriginal community just down the road) and bought some fresh bread there to make a picnic lunch in their park. It's a lovely place with lots of big trees and lawns that are watered and maintained. We noticed that they had a workshop and so we decided to ask whether they could have a look at the exhaust on the cruiser. Of course, they said no problem and so we waited until the workshop returned from their lunchbreak and spoke to David about our exhaust problems. He had a look and said that he could fix it that afternoon so that was fine with us. Georgi went to the art and craft workshop and met Garry's mother who told Georgi about the history of ... read more
The Church
Inside the Church
Another shot of the park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque June 4th 2015

Wow we had the most amazing day today! An aboslute top shelf experience! We have a huge amount of photos too, but will just post a few here becuase its late at night and we are really tired. The day started at 4.45 am. After getting ready we were picked up in a massive 4wd bus called Big Foot. Off we went onto the Dampier Peninsula on a very corrugated red dirt track. 120 k's of rocking and rolling and bone shaking, we arrived in Beagle Bay. Its a very lovely aboriginal community (dry apparently). There's an amazing church built by German monks in 1918. They made the altar with local pearl shells and it is seriously beauitiful! After an early morning cuppa and lamingtons we were off again. A further hour and a half of ... read more
Horizontal Falls
Horizontal Falls
Cape Leveque

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque August 23rd 2013

Friday 23 Aug Our day started with a lovely Broome sunrise and a tour pick up at 6.45am for a real outback adventure. Sometimes we take a picture and see in it things we had not expected. One of the very low tide sunrise photos of Roebuck Bay (Broome) shows the last remnants of several Catalina flying boats bombed in the harbour here in the second world war. The area on this north west coast of Australia has had over 400 years of history with ships visiting these shores, as part of the trade with what is now Indonesia and Timor, both of which are close neighbours. The sailing ships used the trade winds to speed their voyage, and for some brought terror and shipwreck. The names of places here reflect that history with many places ... read more
Tracks to the horizon
Early morning low tide
The rutted Road

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque September 18th 2012

Friday 1stSeptember Haikus from the Hill #1 Legs hurting a lot Bitten scratched and trauma Sun on painful legs Swirling waves coming in fast Bright sea breaking swell Mangroves right in front Have to keep awake I am very sleepy now The sun blazes down Ancient trees close by Faint islands in the distance I discover more.... read more
At Work
My Classroom at Goombading

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque September 18th 2012

Wednesday 29th Today I started school work in the gazebo gain Dad started to do a shed setup of all the tools and clear a space for people to work in there. Thursday 30th School ,swims and snorkels Goomading Location Description In front of me is a burnt down fire with half burnt sticks and charcoal sticking out the sides from last night. Beyond that there’s a tree with a bare body except for a few leaves on a branch that lays in the middle of the wooden mass. In front of a band of bushes the muddy area of mangroves awaits with green trees sucking up the water that is provided in the muddy banks. The roots stick up like buildings. Beyond that the sea blue as can be ; at first it is light ... read more
Bumpy, Dusty ,Sandy Corrugated
Bud Showed us the Pythons he'd caught.
I got to hold them

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque August 4th 2012

Day 36 - Saturday 4th August – Dampier Peninsula to Cape Keraudren We packed up in the early morning, filled the trailer with water and left Chile Creek by about 8.30am. None of us were looking forward to the very bumpy corrugated drive back to Broome but it turned out that the grader had done quite a bit of work in the few days we had been on the peninsula and it was much smoother than expected. That meant we arrived in Broome at 11am for a quick pit stop – fuel, a few groceries and coffees. The races are on in Broome today and the place was chockers. People taking an age at the petrol station, loads of people in the supermarket and a huge queue for coffees. After the unsealed road we ... read more
Setting up to cook dinner
Dune running
More dune running

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque August 3rd 2012

Day 35 – Friday August 3rd – Kooljaman Resort, Cape Leveque We had a slow start this morning and sat around reading and relaxing until around 9.30 (finishing the second book in the Millennium trilogy). Today we wanted to go to the most northerly point of Cape Leveque so headed to the Kooljaman Resort, 20 mins up the road. We paid our $10 entrance fee as a day visitor and headed off to our very own beach – Western beach – for a spot of … you guessed it… fishing. The tide was quite high and still rising so we (the kids) had to hop from rock to rock to stay relatively dry. It was a stunning place to sit and watch the sea. Red/ orange rocks behind you, white sand and an undescribably ... read more
Western Beach
Western on Western Beach
Stunning Cape Leveque

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