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July 16th 2008
Published: July 16th 2008
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So as said before the time had come to move on and up in the world. Myself and two irish fellas, Hugh and Jamie had got wind of a tent for sale off a mate that works at my company grace. So looking for a more chilled experience we decided to snap up the mini mansion and pitch it at Cable beach Caravan Park. So after work on one of the many evenings avoiding parties in Broome, me and a few lads from work rocked up to assemble our new home. Its some size of a tent. But size was needed as in the early days at the park there were a good few of us sleeping under its roof. So my new house mates were in the form of three Irish lads, Jamie, Hugh, and Eamon, a French chap called Nico and a temp resident called Alex. He didn’t last to long. This chapter guys is where Broome has opened up and swallowed us all. We moved down here knowing there were a good gang of irish fellas living near by aswell so the group went from 5 to at best maybe 13 or 14 of us. All turning up in different spats sometimes all together but mostly at different stages. The work was still ticking but getting up was harder and harder by the day. The social time was fun other than the Nazi ways of the camp owner Ron who believes no noise after 10 is reasonable on a Saturday night. The guy will literally turf you out for farting a different smell. Never mind we were all in the same boat.

So for recognition the guys Involved in all of the pix are as follows not forgetting of course the house mates I have already mentioned.. Gareth and Damo from the last resort, a new found bezzy mate Antony from Cambridge, Shane and Joe.. another Irish motley pare, Joanna from Australia, Becky and Megan (Somerset and Canada), our later arrived house mate Sue from Essex, Anna and Maria from Sweden, Pat the Welshy, Jodie from up north, Graham and Shivonne, James the taffy who now resides where he left his swag last and last but not at all least… Tom. The quick stop holiday maker from Ireland visiting his mate Irish Shane. This group guys could only have happened in Broome. In any bit of spare time we have we either head to the pub or fill the esky and hit the beach. This was more favourable. The sunsets here are amazing… we spend our time playing football on the beach and generally avoiding mischief. After a good stint of drinking or footy on the beach we stop to see a sunset and either come back to the tent to watch movies in our new set up (syfered power from next door entertainment system), play guitar which I now am the proud owner of or make the mosey to Divers pub where we seem to know everybody that sits there. The friends here are top notch and I thank them all for everything they have helped me with and taught me. Im looking forward to meeting up with many of them again in Thailand but for me Australia is finally coming to an end. For this stint anyway. My plans will now take me forward to the island of Thailand where I plan to dive and certify as a divemaster. My good mates Pierre and April will be meeting me there again. I hope guys you enjoy the pics of broome.

Love from a brummy…

I do miss you all.

Niki xx

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16th July 2008

Hey lovely, Great to hear your latest news and see your pics. Keep on keepin on and enjoying your travels! Hope to catch up with you sometime soon - will be heading Fiji way in the next 6 months so maybe see you then. Big love, Mel xx PS Great to see you playing guitar now! x
22nd July 2008

looking good
Hi Niki, You are looking good . Life suits, wish we could all join you. Keep well, stay stafe, your a favourite guy and life will work out i'm sure. It's karma Barbara

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