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October 20th 2010
Published: October 20th 2010
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You had part 1 of Trees earlier and now I will be up to date.
As I drove from Pemberton to Alabany I drove through miles and miles again of Karri forest and red tingle trees - sometimes I was on proper tarmac road and other times on red gravel... the car is covered in red dust so I really feel like I have been in the bush!!! I got to drive down to Lake Yeagarup and saw the huge inland sand dune in the distance, Gary... but I didn't dare go any further myself in my little Getz car.
Some of these trees have climbing stakes pegged into them and the brave ones climb them ... see fotos- but not me this time. Whatif you got up to the top and couldn't get down!!!
The bravest thing I did was the amazing Tree Top walk ... some of these trees are more then 40 metres and so you are right up in the canopy -AWESOME!!!!! I don't think you would've liked it Marilyn (Bonni).
I will let the fotos speak for themselves although there is no way I could capture the scale of it...but I am so glad to have seen this amazing place.
So on then to my next hospitality stay with Colleen and Peter.... another lovely,friendly and welcoming couple and a gorgeous place. On 10 acres there are sheep in the paddock and chooks...wild ducks in the dam, a lovely garden with lots of flowers - its only a 15 min drive into Albany. it feels like I am in country retreat. (They used to have a farm so this is just a bit of a hobby now - although it is prob the size of a normal farm in UK!!!).
I am enjoying joining in the local Aussie life and met some of the locals today Colleen's friends for coffee and also did an aqua aerobics class. Western Aus has had the driest winter for 70 yrs so they are worrying about the summer and what that might mean for crops and animals and also fire hazards- but today they had some welcome rain...and it did pour down..
So looking forward to seeing Albany and the coast around here over the next few days.
And Jill- Colleen has made a gorgeous quilt - lovely fabrics... been so busy havent even had time to get my little cross stitch picture out!!!
So goodnight all my lovelies.
PS Like the new photo of me with my new hat? Small kids size just fits nicely ...all I need are the corks now>

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21st October 2010

Love it
Hi Lynne Love the sound of where you are staying that sounds so right for me to live there, I always want to live more country and get into the WI (learn how to make jam etc)haha.And sit out on the Veranda.Maybe we could do a home exchange there in the future haha Did you manage to get some Mozzie repelent yet? Glad you having fun,think you have seen more of Australia than some Aussies now . Take Care
21st October 2010

Great pictures Very envious.
21st October 2010

We are on our way
Hi Lynne, You seem to be having a wonderful time. We have booked our flights. We arrive in Christchurch on the 6th of Feb. We are there until the 6th of March. So we should be able to hook up with you somewhere during that period of time. Hope all goes well with you Love Prill and Bob
22nd October 2010

am so enjoying these blogs
Hi Lynne, Just wanted to say how much you and your blog amd the wonderful photos are lifting my spirits. It's just great to remember how much world is out there even if I don't get to see much of it. Sometimes you can get so marooned on your island of grief that you forget to lift your eyes to the horizon. Anyway, keep it up, get us all through the winter and enjoy yourself! Much love, Sue xx

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