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October 24th 2006
Published: October 24th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Here are some picture of the 10 day trip we did (These are for the people that haven't seen the pictures up on Mike's photoblog - )

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This is as far as we where allowed to go in the gorges, nice fresh water swim after a hot climb down
The PinnaclesThe Pinnacles
The Pinnacles

Yep, a desert with rocks sticking up from the ground...
Seashell BeachSeashell Beach
Seashell Beach

This is either 80 mile beach, or Seashell beach, i think it's the latter, but we have seen so many beaches like this now, at sandshell beach there where trillions of tiny sandshells instead of sand on the beach
Party Time in ExmouthParty Time in Exmouth
Party Time in Exmouth

Maura, Paddy and Anne-Marie , i think all the Irish where on our tour!
Natures WindowNatures Window
Natures Window

Natures Window, somewhere hot

Crazy Ozzie tour guide from the other bus, Nick, he had plenty of rude jokes
More KarinjiniMore Karinjini
More Karinjini

Another pic from Karinjini, hot water falls coming out of the rocks...
Goana Lizard- KarinjiniGoana Lizard- Karinjini
Goana Lizard- Karinjini

He was just wandering around the park...
Fruit Bats- KarinjiniFruit Bats- Karinjini
Fruit Bats- Karinjini

Just a couple meters away from the Goana we see these...
The real 80 Mile BeachThe real 80 Mile Beach
The real 80 Mile Beach

Not sure if it went 80 miles, but sunset was nice..
Mike holding a baby crocMike holding a baby croc
Mike holding a baby croc

Yep, it just shit on him...Mike was not happy

24th October 2006

Broome trip
Hi Mike and Roel. Great to see the pictures and hear about your trip. I guess Mike's hand was pretty warm after the alligater incident!!! ha, ha You don't look very happy in that picture Mike!!! This was special. Not too many peple have this experience!!! The picture of the sunset was amazing. Keep on sending the pictures and your news.. Take care, have fun and till next time. T.R. XXXOOO
24th October 2006

Hot and Bothered
The scenery is just awesome. The sunset looks just to die for, Roel! I heard the Aussie gals like it hot, too, except THEY know how to dress and keep cool! ;-)
25th October 2006

croc of shit
Hey is that a croc of shit or what?
27th October 2006

frothbeast dan
I guess I should use my handle because there's 2 dans. this dan said "is that a croc of shit or what?"
31st October 2006

Well thats just great its about time we see some pics of Roel, I was begining to think it was just Mike there. Well im glad you guys are having fun!
31st October 2006

Hope you enjoy your trip
Hello Mike and Roel, We hope you have a nice trip. I see you have already some nice experiences. Mike wasn't you afraid of baby croc. I think Luuk also woud be praesed to hold this animal. He loves al animals, especially the angry ones. Please keep sending pictures of your trip. Take care on yourselves and have fun , Uncle John, Ariena, Mark and Luuk
12th November 2006

How are you?
I phoned with your dad today. He told me about your blog. It's nice to see the two of you. I hope you'll have a nice time down under.

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