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April 18th 2008
Published: April 19th 2008
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I've started furit picking in Red Cliffs, Victoria. I've been here for just over a week, so far.

The work is ok most of the time. I'm picking grapes and it's coming to the end of the season now so the grapes aren't always that good and we're paid by the box so we don't make a lot of money. We've been told we have to work our way up to better jobs and we've been promised some hourly paid work packing oranges, starting in a couple of weeks. We work from 6.30am to 2.30pm and it's absolutely freezing in the mornings here but I'm glad it's not hot while we're picking. We're working in groups/ pairs now and I'm with another English girl called Kat. We do ok but we still only come out with about $40, on a good day. Picking grapes isn't too hard though and if I stick it out I should get something better soon.

There's not much to do in Red Cliffs, it's a tiny community and the shops, library, bakery etc. (inc. my hostel) are all on one block. There's a green with lots of war memorials and an old tractor on display. I've joined the library and I'm on first name terms with all the staff and the same lady at the bakery makes my sandwich every day and she knows just how I like it! Mildura, the nearest town, is half an hour away on the bus. I went there the other day to have a look and I went to the old cinema but there's not really much to do there either.

The hostel is ok apart from the cat! For the first week I was sneezing constantly and felt rotten but I don't feel so bad now. I still don't like it creeping around though. It got into my room the other night and I couldn't get it out so I had to sleep with it in there. Who keeps pets in a hostel? And who likes cats anyway? :-p


20th April 2008

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Boyzone and Savage Garden!!!!! xxxxxxxx
21st April 2008

How old are you again?
21st April 2008

Canary Show
Oh the canary show is a must! I want to see pictures of those canarys you here!!! ;-)
21st April 2008

Boyzone are fantastic by the way!!!!!!

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