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February 24th 2018
Published: February 25th 2018
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Wilson PromotoryWilson PromotoryWilson Promotory

View of Norman Beach. Great for kids.

The weather was changeable and rained overnight but started to clear up in morning It was still warm ( about 28 degrees C ) but the forecast is still for the " Cool Change" to arrive today. We drove for just over an hour and entered the Wilson Promotory National Park. This park is big. It covers 50,000 hectares of land and also has 15,500 hectares of marine national park. This park caters for and encourages walking, camping, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing. The park is known as "Prom Country". So we all went to the prom.

We drove to a town called Tidal River which appears to be the centre for visitor facilities. These facilities appeared to include camping site, a shop but not food provisions, a cooked food kitchen and a visitors centre. There are also a shuttle bus to ferry hikers to the start of longer hikes. Apparently the demand for accommodation in the chalets is so great, there is an annual lottery for spaces with a lot of people applying. We decided to go on a walk from here to Pillar Point which is 7.2 kms. return. As the weather was changeable, the C.
Wilson PromotoryWilson PromotoryWilson Promotory

C. O. and Author with spectacular backdrop.
O. ordered weatherproof kit to be used. On the walk, the clouds disappeared, the sun beat down and the temperature rose to approx 29 degrees C ( better safe than sorry says the C. O.). We started the walk from the beautiful Norman Beach that gets washed by the tide. The first half of the walk was all uphill on a well defined track culminating in a clamber over large rocks to reach Pillar Point. Once there, the view was really worth the effort and stunningly beautiful scenery. We made our way back down to the car park and decided to move on to Squeaky Beach. The beach consists of blindingly white sand that is very fine and when you walk on it actually emits a high pitched squeak. I would not have believed it but honestly folks, the beach really squeaks and it is also beautiful, as you would expect. The sky began to cloud over and we could see cloud coming over the tops of the nearby mountains that looked ominous. We decided to go along to the next beach called "Picnic Beach" which was very apt as we had bought along vittles to consume which we did
Wilson PromotoryWilson PromotoryWilson Promotory

View from Pillar Point. Worth the climb.
in the car park as the weather was really starting to close in.

On the way back to the house, we decided to walk along a nature trail marked out in the park. We were rewarded by the sight of some kangaroos and a wallaby living freely in the wild near the track. We thought that we saw some wombat homes but as they are nocturnal did not actually see any of the creatures. We then made our way back to our comfortable house with the cool change really getting settled in. On our return journey, we saw an Achinea crossing the road. This animal is similar to a large hedgehog but move slightly faster but not that fast. We stopped by the roadside and Charlotte got out to cheer on the animal to cross as she was quite concerned about traffic and I am not at all sure she would not have thrown herself into the road to stop a vehicle hurting her friend. All ended well as the creature crossed safely and nudged his way into the field.

It was a wonderful weekend and we are deeply grateful for Charlotte and Ollie showing us parts of
Wilson PromotoryWilson PromotoryWilson Promotory

C. O. relaxing after a squeak on the beach.
the country that we would never have known existed.

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Wilson PromotoryWilson Promotory
Wilson Promotory

One of our new friends.

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