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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool January 21st 2013

Excited about the trip, I wake at 3:40 am and for my alarm at 5:45 am, even though the phone is on vibrate. Train to Southern Cross, then train to Warrnambool at 7:19 am. The train was an older style train with storage behind the locomotive; no problems getting the bike on the train. I'd forgotten my papers for the trip, but luckily I can download the Lonely Planet chapter and there is an internet cafe in Warrnambool. At the Visitors Centre I can get all the pamphlets I forgot and even more detailed maps from Parks Victoria. To avoid the A1 motorway out of Warrnambool I take Hopkins Point Road. It is a cycling training road, and the biggest hill of the day comes at the start as the road rises from sea level after ... read more
Lunch break

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool January 12th 2013

Returning home for a summer holiday... aahhh a huge sigh of relief. Warrnambool & surrounds:this is the wild South West Coast of Victoria, the end of the Great Ocean Road... surrounded by lush dairy farms, this is a magnificent stretch of coast with extensive, long, beautiful beaches, rugged coast and cliffs, with continuous swell and waves rolling in from the Southern Ocean... this is my home, the landscape I grew up in. It is the landscape where I draw inspiration for all my artwork, it is the land and sea that rejuvenates me, fills my soul & spirit, where I belong and where I long for when I am away. It is the familiar, the comforting; where I have a history, know the stories of family, friends and neighbors, of past relatives and family stories from ... read more
 Pertobe Road
The Dirty Angel
Lady Bay at night

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool January 14th 2012

hello everybody from sunny oz. my god have we done alot in 5 days! where do i start! we arrived not to jet alged but a little warn out as probyl only about 5-6 hours sleep! annoying little girl kicking the back of our chairs from hong kong to melbs! so happy to see mick and nikki seems like i only saw them yesterday! went out for dinner with kelly who i hadnt seen for all this time either both chloe and i could not keep our eyes open as we tried to finished our shared nachos! went to bed at 8pm slept al the way though to 9am! we have been to a koola conservation park where we got some great pictures and videos of the beautiful creatures. one got fed up of jus hanging ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool October 27th 2011

“Travelling broadens the mind”, Frank Sady (Grey Nomad). “Yes, and the hips, and it turns the belly into jelly”, Irene Sady (Temporary Grey Nomad – hair appointment made for next week). Travelling makes one very casual. When we started out on our journey just over eight weeks ago, we were very regimented and organised. We were up at six am to put some of the many miles behind us. Here we are at the end of the trip and it is a different story. Now we loll around in bed until eight am (still very early for me), and get ourselves moving at a leisurely pace. Admittedly, the distance between stops is a lot less than it was. Today we have travelled about forty kilometres from Port Fairy to Warrnambool, only about three hours from home. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool September 24th 2011

Today we drove from Gundagai (our first stop) to Warrnambool where we'll start our ride at 8 am Sunday Morning. Our First ride will be 69.1km. We drove straight through just stopping for lunch. When we arrived at Warrnambool Pete had booked us into an amazing bed and breakfast called "Herbet's Hus". Such a lovely place to stay. we then headed to the Information place at Flagstaff Hill. We headed to the main street and enjoyed Noodle Box for dinner. A quick trip to Coles to fill up on supplies and then back to the house for a night of relaxation. Much to Nesan's disgust we could not get the Rugby League on TV.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool January 1st 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We landed safely in Melbourne on Wednesday and have been staying with our friend in Hamilton. Had a good drive around, everything is so much bigger over here than it is in England, took us 4 hours to get from the airport to her place! Think that the UK fits into the State twice and the area of flooded land is the size of France and Germany, Massive!!! Had a lovely New Year sitting around the fire in the garden having tea!! Its been quite hot over the last few days 42 was the highest we've had but think its going to calm down and be 26 tomorrow :) Hope you all had a good New Year, Love Roseanna and Anastasia xxx... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool October 22nd 2010

Up early to go and try our luck at seeing the Whale with her calf from the viewing place just down the road. The beach we went to was beautiful and looking out at the sea for a while wishing that we would see something was nice aswell. Last year there had been 21 mothers and calf’s and this year only 1. Just as we were about to leave a man ask’s us if we had seen it. He managed to show it to us. Now we DID see a whale. It was quite a way out but could make out the shape and colour of it as it came to the surface!! It was a great way to start the day. We started the days driving heading on to Ballerat and then final stop for ... read more
Whale watching!
Whale watching!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool August 11th 2009

Hello Again, The last few days have been great. On Sunday I went to Marsaxlock (Masa - Schlock) which is a little fishing village. They have a Sunday market where they sell fresh fish and lots or crappy bric and brac. I dined on various local foods including hot date cakes, frsh fruit, octopus/seafood/capsicum and olive salad and yummy apple cakes. It was my favourite day because I felt like I'd really go the feel of Malta. Untill that afternoon when I had stomach cramps and nausea. Fortunately this didn't last too long and I was able to go to a religeous festa at another village with some other girls in the hostel. Monday consisted of swimming, relaxing, swimming and more relaxing whilst today has been another sightseeing day. I'm off to a tae-bo class tonight ... read more
Overlooking The Blue Grotto
Marsaxlockk  Markets
Marsaxlockk  Markets

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool June 20th 2009

Day 61 (Saturday 20/06/09, NJJ) Checked out of hostel. Taxi to Wicked campers. Picked up our van - it's called 'The Jolly Roger'. Got on our way down to the coast road to Warrnambool. Checked in to holiday park. Cooked food in camp kitchen. Jay cooked, we had kangaroo steaks (yum) as part of meal. 10pm drove to Flying Horse bar to watch the rugby (Lions tour, 1st test) but TV was turned off 10 mins before end of match, then back to camp for bed.... read more
Jay in the Jolly Roger

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool March 19th 2009

DAY 132 Title Time & Lime We got up earlier today as we are moving on from Warrnambool, so a quick breakfast of tea and toast before packing up camp. Just before we leave town we head over to Rays Outdoors to return the faulty camp kitchen that we had purchased the day before. We were disappointed; however there is no point in paying all that money for something that is not complete. They took it back without any fuss, and frankly so they should. So still without a table we thought we would pop into the large Bunnings next door (equivalent to B&Q in UK), we had a look around the outdoor area, looking for picnic tables we asked for some help as we could not see what we wanted, they took us to a ... read more
Great Beach
the other side

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