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October 29th 2007
Published: October 29th 2007
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Hola all!

Currently battling the flu, so have spent much of the last 48 hours sleeping. What's new? Not much - got some volunteer work coming up in town (Warrnambool) in a couple of weeks, still waiting to get well so I can donate blood, have plenty of plants to get Cheryl's garden going and gradually chipping away the waiting time for the next work visa for Canada. Would put on some photos, but will have to wait until the first of next month for the computer to so-operate in the uploading process. Hope that's enough to keep the (very small) hordes of friends updated..... Ciao for now, see you all when I'm not sleeping!



7th November 2007

meh. colds suck. i blame children. okay, i blame children for everything, but that's besides the point. aren't you coming this way soon?

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