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March 13th 2017
Published: March 13th 2017
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Today was a good day, today was the day I could leave the hostel and collect my camper van.
From this point onwards i’m really free, I don’t have to rely on any public transport.

Lets start from the beginning of today, I woke up better than other days, well rested and excited for what was to come. I 9hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen.

I crafted some chicken noodles, after i’d eaten I headed back up upstairs and grabbed my bags and went to sit in the lobby for a little bit. I had to wait for a little bit otherwise i’d be way to early at the camper rental.

While I was sitting in the lounge Jim came up to me and apologised for almost getting me into trouble the day before, told him everything was okay and he asked if I wanted to beans.
“Beans ?” I answered, “Yes” he said. Someone had bought s a twelve pack of baked beans and decided he didn’t like baked beans afterwards so gave them to Jim.
Jim handed over 3 cans, I said Thank you very much but 1 will be just fine. I put the can of beans in my backpack and we talked a little.

I had told him earlier that I was about to pickup my camper van so he told me some ins and out of the company as he’s rented with them before. He asked me if I wanted his sat nav as he was done with driving around. I thanked him kindly and explained I have downloaded the map of Australia on to my phone and would use that as GPS. He said back in the UK you would pay like 50 pounds for the kind of sat nav he has but in Australia he only paid 15 Dollars. No idea where he got it but that seems like a great deal haha.

When it was 11:00AM I said goodbye made sure I had everything and headed towards the tram.
I got in the tram that would bring me about half way to the rentals and from there I transferred onto a bus, still using my Myki keep in mind :P Travel in Melbourne city is amazing and easy.
I arrived at Jucy rentals just a little over 12:00 and noticed from a distant some vehicles.

One looked exactly like the one I was getting and I looked at it thinking well that thing is long…
I walked inside and walked towards the reception. Here I was kindly helped by an employee who explained everything about the rental and some rules regarding Australian law.

Together we walked outside and walked right over the vehicle I looked at before.
“This will be yours” the employee said and pointed over at the vehicle.

Together we walked around the vehicle while the employee wrote down all scratches and dents.
They went on to explain some more ins and out about the vehicle and handed over the paper for my signature.
“Hop over here and i’ll show you how to drive it” the employee said, I thought I was getting a full on lesson on how to drive on the left side and on how to drive an automatic as i’m used to driving manual. Well I was pretty wrong, I got shows where the pedals where and was told to always stay on the left side. Gee thanks I knew that :P Everything was good to go the employee walked back inside I chucked my bags inside and sat in the drivers seat.

Now here is the weird part.. It did not feel awkward at all and seemed pretty natural even though i’d never sat on that side of the car to drive.

I sat down move my chair forward a bit, put my foot on the brake moved the car into drive and removed the handbrake, slowly lifted my foot of the brake and there I went. The car rolled forward and i gave a little bit of extra acceleration. I followed the road a long and merged onto another road.

Casually driving along other drivers on the left side of the road I figured it was probably a good idea I figure out where I was going. I pulled into some side street and found myself in some kind of T roads with a bowl at the end to turn in.

I turned around and stopped the car and opened my bag. My dad had given me a phone holder and charger I could stick right onto the dashboard of the vehicle so thats what I did, I planted the phone holder and checked where about I wanted to go.

I wanted to start with the great ocean road and that starts in Torquay. While setting the GPS I disabled motorways and toll roads and it seemed to grab some road that looked nice, It was a bit of detour but I was okay with that as I wanted a scenic route instead of just cars and concrete.

I put my phone in its holder and went on my way.
I quickly realised choosing a scenic route in Australia is quite literally scenic. It was one of those roads you typically think about when you think about the outback of Australia. There were all orange-ish plains and wide and tall green tree every 10 metres.

1 house ever kilometre, It’s quite funny if you think about it as i’m just 30 minutes out of the big city of Melbourne and it already feels like i’m in the middle nowhere.

I must say that the roads in Australia are amazing, even in the “outback”.
Most roads are about 100KM per hour but also occasionally the 80 KM per hour. Have not yet seen any roads faster than 100KM per hour.

Along the road I came across multiple "Watch out Kangaroo" Signs which was a funny sight.
The roads were easily do able and I headed towards torquay.

Once I arrived in torquay about 2 hours later I wanted to find a Woolworths to stock up on some food.
I took a left onto a drive way to stop and check where the closest Woolworths was, but guess what I drive right into a McDrive. I just followed the other cars and just drove past the order part and headed onto the McDonalds Car Park.

Whilst I was stopped here I located a Woolworths only 800 Metres away and headed over there.
Bought some essentials like food, tea and toilet paper and sat on the parking area looking for a place to sleep.

I have this App Called CamperMate which looks for Free and Low price Camper Parking spots in the area.
In the morning I had already checked this and though I had found a nice spot but man just driving from Melbourne down to Torquay made me realise how big Australia really is and that going to that spot was WAY to far away.

I saw some camping area in torquay itself which said online that it's 40 Dollars but i'd rather sleep on a campsite than somewhere along the road. I headed over there which again was only like 1 Kilometre and parked my camper in front of the reception. I walked inside and got greeted friendly.
The women behind the counter asked if I was alone as to which I explained I was. She said oh well in that case normally we charge 40 Dollars but you can stay here the night for 30 😊

Kindly thanking the women behind the desk I received some key thing to enter the park and here I am now.
I parked the car on my spot and made the bed which by the way is really easy to do.
While laying on the bed reading my East Coast Australia book from Lonely Planet I started feeling peckish and headed to my Esky (Cooler) to grab my sausages I had bought earlier.

Instead of using my gas cooker that the camper van has I noticed the park has Barbecues so I used one of those.
It's the 13th of March and here I am having a BBQ, I'n Europe this wouldn't be done haha.
After I had eaten and had a cup of thee I laid in bed reading a little more and used the campgrounds free Wi-Fi to catch up with everyone. For some reason this heat and all the experiences are making me tired as once again I had an early night.

Thanks again for reading.

Oh btw, I also got some sunscreen and guess what the Camper van comes with a towel!! so that search is over as well.


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