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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland April 2nd 2021

Third Quarter - Discovery Bay & Mount Richmond With another rest day in Nelson under my belt - and another week's worth of supplies at my disposal, courtesy of a food parcel I had sent ahead from Melbourne a few weeks earlier - I was ready to tackle the remaining 111km of the Great South West Walk, which would mean following the coast for six straight days (unless I chose to take the inland detour over Mount Richmond, which would add a further 12km). So after stuffing my face full of hot food from the Nelson Kiosk one last time, I followed the River Road out of town to be confronted by the awesome sight of Discovery Bay's Ocean Beach stretching off into the distance on either side - my first glimpse of the Southern Ocean ... read more
Boundless Beach
Lone Seal
Kicking Back

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland March 26th 2021

After knocking off the first half of the Great South West Walk over the previous week, my 'half-time break' stared with a much needed rest day in Nelson, before I packed up early and got a lift back to Moleside Landing with Chris - the owner/operator of the local canoe rental company - for my three-day kayak trip down the same 50km stretch of the Glenelg River that I had spent the previous three days following on foot. Thankfully the incessant rain of the previous day had subsided, though another problem had presented itself: school groups. I had thought there was something odd going on when the same campsites that had been virtually deserted on my walk were fully booked for the coming days according to Parks Victoria's online booking system, and as soon as I ... read more
On the starting blocks
Wings Over Water

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland March 22nd 2021

Fresh from my week on the Great Ocean Walk, I headed to the regional centre of Warrnambool to stock up with another week's worth of supplies, before continuing along the coast by coach to Portland, where I had ambitious plans for another biathlon of sorts - only this time instead of cycling and drinking my chosen disciplines would be walking and paddling. With school holidays (and the ensuing stampede for campsites that they inevitably bring) fast approaching, I had set myself the challenge of hiking 250km and paddling a further 50km in a kayak in the eighteen days remaining before the start of the Easter long weekend - which appropriately enough would fall on the evening of April 1st. The way I saw it, anyone still out adventuring by that date truly would be an April ... read more
Glorious Greens and Beautiful Blues
A fine place for a port
Start/Finish Line

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland March 12th 2019

Today I am en route to the Cape Nelson Lighthouse just past Portland. First stop was a scenic lookout - The Crags with the rocks and ocean waves in full force. The lighthouse will be a unique experience for me as I am staying two days at the Caretakers Cottage on the grounds. On the way one passes a scenic route with a number of lookouts. I stopped of course to have a look at most - rugged coastlines this part of the world. The route takes you direct to the lighthouse so upon arrival I walked around a bit and viewed the coastline - rugged with the ocean not in a good mood. I then tried one of the walks in the area - Sea Cliff Nature Walk. Perhaps about three km in length, it ... read more
The Crags
The Crags
The Crags

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland April 19th 2018

From Warrnambool we travelled to Port Fairy a small, but lovely fishing village. We stopped and enjoyed the boats in the harbour including the Squid boats. We started looking for campsites and looked one up called Sawtell Reserve. So headed in that direction not knowing if it was going to be available or not. It got too late. So we stopped at a wayside stop for the night. I organized a time to meet up with a bloke in Portland to show us the Gannets. Next morning we met and told us there was a great spot for camping at Sawtell reserve. Thanks mate. Brian took us out to Point Danger Gannet Colony and even let us get within 20 ft of them. He had plenty of great information on the Gannets and the surrounding area. ... read more
Lawerence Rocks
24 hr live feed back to Info Centre

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland April 7th 2018

An early start today for Warrnambool parkrun round the beautiful Lake Pertobe. As I run I can see pelicans and spoonbills on the lake. I consider stopping to take a photo but I can see the old man just ahead of me and can imagine how smug he’ll be if his time is significantly faster than mine. After the run, we wander along Warrnambool seafront before starting our day’s drive along the coastal Princes Highway. Our first stop is Tower Hill; a park which offers nature walks. We don’t see any of the animals shown on the info panels, despite getting a crick in my neck looking in the trees for koalas. However it’s a different story when we return to the car park and find an emu in picnic area. He looks a bit fierce ... read more
Pelicans on Lake Pertobe
Emu in the picnic area

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland December 1st 2017

Waking to the songs of the bush birds, was the perfect avian alarm clock. As we were packing up, we could feel the warmth of the day getting up, so good to see blue sky sun after 5 days of cloudy rain. Setting off with another welcome tailwind behind, us under the warm autumnal shiny thing in the sky. it was one of those perfect days on planet Earth. We were up on our way, on the open road and there was magik at our fingers, the day was bristling with beautiful energy. It was a very pleasant 15 ks, of back roads before we re-joined "Highway One" at Mount Richmond. An extinct volcano for an incredible 2 million years, Mount Richmond Volcano has been covered in sand, blown from Discovery Bay for millennia, so there ... read more
Deserted farm house near Mt. Richmond
Mount Richmond
Nelson caravan park

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland November 24th 2017

It was late arvo, when Colin and I agreed to ease back into this serious riding business. With a head full of festival music and good times and a belly full of festival food and a lot of beer, we set our sights on Yambuk Lake, 30 ks from here. We were setting up our tents under some large Cypress pines overlooking the lake, when the dude caretaker strolled over for his cash. Of course we blew all our cash at the festival, no banks open on Sunday. We pleaded our case, he took great pity upon these weary travellers and gave us a freebie camp. After a quick fireside dinner, we produced our wooden musical things and played delightfully under the big moon, until the cold night air got the better of us. Sunrise, refreshed ... read more
Bums away!!!
Camp at Yambuk Lakes
Big climb out of Bridgewater

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland June 16th 2016

Yesterday we had the most fantastic weather. Just a beautiful day. We had camped at Hynes Reserve. A good cheap camp with power and showers( the hot water did not work) We booked for 2 nights as a base for the Grampions. Set out the morning north and then east through a gap in the mountains and over a saddle to Halls Gap. Stopped on the way at a lookout point - Reeds Point - and took some wonderful photos looking down on the basin between the ranges. Quite spectacular. We moved on to Halls Gap and had out sandwich lunch there before doubling back about 10km to turn north to a lookout point we had missed. The photo of Liesel and I is taken from there. Very high up looking down on the valley. Amazing ... read more
WP_20160615_Halls Gap - Copy
WP_20160616_11_50_34_Pro - Copy

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland May 5th 2014

Hi blog followers. As normal, we have now moved on and spent a couple of days at Warrnambool before now spending a couple of more days at Portland. I must admit we didn't get to see a lot at Warrnambool as the weather was atrocious. I.e. It was blowing a gale and bucketing down rain. It definitely got the van rocking and after two days we decided enough was enough and headed for Portland. By the time we arrived and set up camp, the weather was in total contrast with blue skies, the sun shining and "no wind". We are becoming experts at working out what direction the van needs to be set up to get the early sun and avoid the winds etc. We stopped in at Port Fairy on the way and have marked ... read more
Cape Bridgewater and the seals at play
The Petrified Forest
Cape Nelson Lighthouse

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