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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough March 27th 2013

The southern coastal plains and rolling hills of Victoria are famous for their dairy herds. In todays journey we will do a circuit west from Peterborough and later north to Timboon which is just a little bigger and better than the imaginary Timbuktu that we never visit because we can never find it. Not even Tom Tom can find these mythical locations. This is prime productive dairy country. There was a bright sunrise made spectacular by an oncoming front. So the day was dull, windy, some showers, but that did not deter us from going look see. Two of the campers had 9 month old puppies traveling with them, and it seemed like it was fun at first sight. The little white Westie so far has not responded well to puppy school lessons, whereas the bigger ... read more
Westie and Lab at play

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough March 26th 2013

Tuesday 26th After days of strong winds and cool temperatures, we awoke to calm and a beautiful sunrise. The drive to Peterborough is along the Great Ocean Road after initially climbing back up through the Otway Forests. Even before coming to the coast, the beauty of the area is a joy to the eyes. David and Mary stopped at Castle Cove for photos, and then we continued the climb inland and then west to the coast line. We stopped briefly at Princetown for a cuppa, and from there to Peterborough would be less than an hour drive. it took us 6 hours, and no one said ‘Are we nearly there yet’. If Victoria has a world renown coastal feature, it has to be the Twelve Apostles. And we are grateful to The God of the Apostles ... read more
Cameras in action
Castle Cove
Castle Cove

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough November 10th 2012

I FOUND A BEACH! We went on a little road trip this weekend and camped for one night along the Great Ocean Road. The name is pretty self explanatory but it's exactly what you'd expect... a long road right next to the sea. The views were amazing all the way to were we stopped to camp and we stopped about every half an hour to check out each town or view that we passed. We passed through Bells beach which is part of the International Surf tour, Apollo bay, Some cool little towns called port campbell and peterborough and also enjoyed the 'twelve apostles'. I'd never heard of them before but they were definitely worth visiting. You can check them out in the pictures but they are massive stacks which are created by erosion of the ... read more
Lorne pier
Great Ocean Road
Jonny and Anj in the car

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough December 9th 2011

Thursday morning (8th December) dawned with a bit of excitement - Graham spotted a fire engine parked at a neighbour’s house. On closer inspection (being nosey) we could see flames billowing into the sky very close to a substantial fence but, fortunately, some way from the house. A garden fire had got out of hand – it was a very warm and calm morning – and even the three volunteer firemen were having difficulty controlling it as the flames threatened to spread. The “garden fire” had been well stocked with, amongst other things, large planks of wood, old doors and frames, anything that would burn. In hindsight, it was very irresponsible to have a fire of such a size but I don’t suppose the old chap who lived there dreamt that it would become such a ... read more
A neighbour had been a bit over enthusiastic building and lighting a huge bonfire
but the local Fire Brigade were soon on the scene
Not a serious swim with my hat and specs on!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough December 7th 2011

Tuesday 6th December was another day that started with glorious sun-shine. There was a bit of a breeze and out of the sun it was a little chilly – Daphne found it very cold!! We were a bit undecided as to what to do. Yesterday’s trip, although not far, was very tiring and we’d agreed not to have two tiring days on the trot. So a casual meander along the coast towards, but not as far as, Warnambool was the order of the day – though not before we’d had a mid-morning cuppa and toast to set ourselves up. At about 11:00am we set off in the car for the nearest lookout – we could have walked it but we intended going on further. The Bay of Martyrs is fantastic with easy access down to a ... read more
Looking down on the Bay of Martyrs
More glorious scenery
Fragile cliffs

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough December 5th 2011

Saturday 3rd December – After a few hectic days in Camberwell, when we had cake recipes and ingredients coming out of our ears, our attention was devoted to getting ready for a week away to the delightful location of Peterborough. Before we were all ready, though, we all became astonished at the new antics of mad Micky who excelled himself with the ingenuity and daring of his latest escapades. He scaled the full height of a floor to ceiling blind several times to the point that we had to roll the blind up so he couldn’t reach it. He then found a special toy that Daphne had purchased at the RSPCA Centre yesterday but which she had “hidden” in order to keep for Christmas. He soon hunted it out and dragged it away and played with ... read more
Sunday morning stroll to the ocean
Not called 'The Shipwreck Coast' for nothing
A rough and treacherous sea

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough November 16th 2011

Monday 14th November – our intention was to use this break as a chance to relax and unwind. When we look back on what we have done in the last 14 months in general and the last couple of months in particular we feel that to be able to have a period of calm and absolute rest will do us good. Nevertheless, on Monday 14th November we couldn’t resist having an early morning walk after breakfast. We strolled through the village and past the two small stores on our way to the beachfront. There’s a 9 hole golf course in Peterborough which claims to be the most picturesque course in Australia. It’s in an idyllic location and is particularly well maintained. Today appeared to be Ladies Day although we don’t know if it was a competition ... read more
Beautiful beach at The Bay of Islands
Overlooking Lake Pertobe - our picnic spot in Warrnambool
Fascinating fact that Maremma dogs are protecting the colony of little penguins on Middle Island

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough November 13th 2011

Saturday morning (12th November) was a bit harum-scarum - Daphne dashed off to do her usual Saturday morning shop at Camberwell market. Before that though I went with her to the local pet shop to make sure we had the right type of food for a young kitten. Mickey was being fed adult cat food some of the time which probably wasn’t good for him, not that Mickey seemed to be suffering in any way – he was just as manic as ever!! After that Graham and I scanned the garden to see if there was any “hard” rubbish we could put out for collection. Once a year the council do a collection of things that can’t be disposed of through the normal rubbish collection process. Consequently, all sorts of stuff suddenly appears on the side ... read more
Distinctive tower of Melbourne Arts Centre
Federation Square where the Queen walked just a few weeks ago
A great place for people to meet

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough February 4th 2010

Day 284 - Peterborough There was a slight change in the weather today and it meant that nobody would have to go fishing or swimming to get really, really wet! The heavens opened and the rain just poured. We said goodbye to Janet and Al who left early this morning. Despite the rain we were still keen to stay another night; we’ve become very fond of Peterborough and extremely fond of Julie & Kalvin who are great company. To keep ourselves occupied Darryl caught up on current affairs by reading the paper, I continued with the blog updates while Julie went visiting her Mum and Kalvin relaxed with a crossword. When a significant break appeared in the weather mid-morning Darryl & Kalvin decided to give the fishing another go down on the beach. They were probably ... read more
It spooked Julie out so much, all the fog and the sheer drop off the cliff - she was back in the car in no time!
Sheer cliffs at Antares
Julie's CD 'multi-changer'!!  It just made me chuckle

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Peterborough February 3rd 2010

Day 283 - Peterborough We had an easy night’s sleep in our cosy little caravan on the front lawn of the beach house. Peterborough is such a beautifully tranquil little spot - its great. Julie’s friend Kalvin was already off on his bike, he had a doctors appointment in nearby Timboon to assess the progress of his dislocated little finger which was a result of a fall from the bike a week or so ago. We thought it was about time we got a bit more energetic too so after a quick breakfast we headed out with the others, plus doggie Lira, for a walk along the cliff tops to the Bay of Islands and Halladale Point where in 1908 the ‘Falls of Halladale’ was wrecked. We’ve yet to visit the shipwreck museum in Warrnambool so ... read more
Stunning views on the morning walk
Watching the surf on the morning walk
The Falls of Halladale

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