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May 15th 2013
Published: May 15th 2013
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The title says it all, I must have picked the absolute worst time to drive the Ocean Road, it has been almost non stop torrential rain, freezing cold a top temp of about 10degrees with a wind chill factor bringing that down to just above freezing. Add to this high winds and heavy seas, do you get the picture, sounds like home doesn't it. The plus side was that I endured it all, the roads to my surprise weren't flooded and I arrived safely in Worranbool unscathed. After leaving Pollo Bay I went to Otway Point, it was raining but not too heavily at this point. The road to the lighthouse was about five or six miles and this area is renowned for koala bears. I saw some people had stopped and were looking up into the trees and there was a rounded little koala with all his fur blowing up in the wind peeping down from the tree. Ahhhhh they are sooooo sweet. Further on down the road I saw two small ones feeding and two older koalas a little further along. In total I saw fifteen koalas I was just delighted. Carried on to the lighthouse and climbed the tower 354 steps, the wind nearly blew you over when you went on to the outer platform. Also there were a few cottages, a cafe and an aboriginal dwelling. The hut was made of sticks mud and wooden supports with a sort of wrap over roof. Inside there was a fire and the guy had obviously gone for his lunch when I got there so I had it all to myself a lovely warming fire and no smoke, I could have just curled up and gone to sleep. Carried on along the coast to the famous twelve apostles(rock formations) except there are only nine now as three have been washed away by the sea. These rock formations continued along the coast until Warrambool. It was a bit disappointing because the weather affected the photos and I permanently had rain drops on my lens however I did manage a few logos one of the koalas so must be grateful for small mercies. Sods law this afternoon it has stopped raining and the sun is starting to come out although it is still cold.

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