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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 10th 2018

10/2/18 It's Saturday, so a bit of a lie in. I needed a haircut, in order to conform with regulations, so we all went to a shopping area and I was booked in for a "buzz cut" at "Edward Scissorhands". The others did something else. We all met up for lunch and the C.O. took the opportunity for some retail therapy. She bought a top from a shop selling posh gear, the cost of which is still a closely guarded military secret. The budget was not mentioned. The boys and girls were going separate ways this evening. Ollie and I had tickets for the Melbourne Cricket Ground (M.C.G.) for a "big bash" cricket international match between England and Australia. The ladies had booked to see a show called "Priscilla" which sounded very dodgy entertainment for impressionable ... read more
Night out in City
Night our in City
Night out in City

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda February 5th 2018

5/2/18 Decided to go to a shopping outlet (DFO) to try and get me a suitable jumper for our trip to Tassie. It was a poignant moment to see the C.O.'s eyes light up. Following instructions, we trammed into the city. When we got off, we were in the middle of a building site and absolutely lost. Not even the city map appeared to help. We espied a gang of tram drivers coming off shift and asked them how we could get to the DFO. They were very helpful and gave us explicit instructions on how to navigate to building site. It worked!!. I was very glad of the C.O.'s extensive shopping experience. I was a fish out of water. Got a Tassie jumper and went for lunch on the South bank of the Yarra river. ... read more
Melbourne South Bank
St. Kilda Pier

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda February 4th 2018

4/2/18 The C.O. enthusiastically supported the suggestion of a visit to the Sunday market at South Melbourne. So we boarded the tram and tapped on with our Wykie cards to pay for the ride. A Wykie card is a prepayment contact card used to pay for your journey. The card only has to be tapped on a small screen at the start of your journey as all the journeys are the same price. The screen tells you that it has been successful and also your cash balance left on the card. It sounds a bit complicated but works very well. We alighted the tram at South Melbourne and went into the market the which is very big and sells a wide variety of products which are bought by the locals. It is very well supported and ... read more
Albert Park
Brighton, Victoria
Brighton, Victoria

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda February 2nd 2018

2/2/18 Charlotte has a day's holiday today. She works in the public service sector (Melbourne Fire Service) and can accumulate an extra day of holiday a month if she works an extra 20 mins a day. A good scheme! The weather today is sunny and warm (23 degrees) with a breeze. Perfect weather for sightseeing. Under Charlotte's supervision we boarded a tram and alighted at the Shrine of Rememberance. This is a very impressive building set in gardens. There is a lot of symbolism in the architecture which is designed to remember the dead service people in the two world wars. The Ausies regard remembering the service people as very important and are very reverent. There were a lot of tourists at the shrine many of them of Asian origins and I wondered how they regarded ... read more
Botanical Gardens
Shrine of Rememberance
Shrine of Rememberance

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda February 1st 2018

Weather today is sunny and warmer but still windy. C.O. ordered another attack on the walk that was abandoned yesterday. She is a determined commander - not to be denied. We again marched to the shore at St. Kilda and went past the Royal Melbourne Yatch Squadron (impressive title or what!). We went along the sure making good use of the boardwalk terrain. We then advanced along the pier to the end and made observations on the penguin,s base of operations in readiness for advancing on them at a future sunset. The next objective was St. Kinda Botanical Garden which turned out to be a very pleasant sizeable park. In the middle of the park we happened across a fashion photoshoot. I remarked to the star that she looked stunningly beautiful. The C. O. did not ... read more
St Kilda
St Kilda

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda January 31st 2018

First day in Melbourne - well St. Kinda really Which is a suburb of Melbourne. It feels cold and is windy. The C.O. ordered a reconnoiter to the beach area. We had a recommended walk in a guide book of the area and we intended to complete it to get our bearings. We set out dressed in jumpers and anoraks. We established a beachhead at St Kilda's shoreline. The wind strengthened and it started to rain. The C. O. agreed to consolidate our position in the beachfront cafe. The wind got even worse. The palm tree trunks were bending in the wind. Cyclists and joggers were not making much progress into the wind and flashed past with the wind behind them. During a lull, the C.O. ordered a tactical retreat back to the safety of the ... read more
View from balcony (taken 1/2/18)
From balcony ( taken 1/2/18 )

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda January 30th 2018

Leaving for Melbourne later today. The pods are all packed and the luggage train has been left in the capable hands of the hotel concierge. We strolled off to our favourite cafe for breakfast. We then made the short walk to the Te Papa museum for another look. The C. O. believes that she may have missed a retail opportunity. There is an awful lot of very good geological and earthquake information but the highlight of our return trip was a simulated earthquake in a house. Very realistic and caused the C. O. to utter an expletive. I adjourned to another part of the museum dealing with the migration of the South Pacific Islanders to N. Z. The C. O. found the shop and could not be moved. I still do not fully understand why the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne January 28th 2018

It was another early start today, with our taxi arriving at 6.45am to get us to the airport for our flight to Melbourne at 9.30. And just to show that it's never too early for the Kilborans to have a funny incident, we had such an incident this very morning. While I was settling up at check out, our bags had already been loaded into the taxi bus and being the nice sort of chap that I am, I took out $10 and tipped the bell boy. He looked at me a bit oddly and, for the first time on this trip, I thought I had undertipped. It was only then that I realised.......he wasn't the bell boy.....he was actually our taxi driver; I'd tried to tip him before he had even taken us anywhere! But ... read more
Melbourne Skyline 1
Melbourne Skyline 2
Melbourne Skyline 3

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne January 21st 2018

Wie angekündigt , fuhren wir vor 1 Woche von Dunedin nach Norden, durch eine nette hügelige Landschaft und teilweise dem Meer entlang- allerdings zuerst nach Akaroa auf der Banks Peninsula - wunderschön an einer tiefen Bay gelegen und total von Ausflüglern überlaufen (es waren auch noch Schulferien). Man muss über eine echte Passstrasse - kein Wunder dass es am Sonntagnachmittag von Motorrädern wimmelt! Akaroa betont sein französisches Erbe ( es hatte einmal eine Walfangstation). Am Montag besuchten wir die sehr sehenswerte Art Gallery in Christchurch (welche den Quake überstanden hat) und den riesigen und wunderschönen botanischen Garten mit riesigen Bäumen. Nach unruhigem Flug mit schlechtem Essen (Quantas!) kamen wir um 22 Uhr in Melbourne an, waren aber erst um halb 2 Uhr im Hotel The Prince in St. Kilda. Dieser Stadtteil liegt zT am Meer und ... read more
Das Erdbeben Mahnmal am Ufer des River Avon in Christchurch
Botanischer Garten Christchurch
Musikpavillon an der Beach in St. Kilda (Melbourne)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » CBD January 17th 2018

After another sleepless flight, we finally arrived in Melbourne on Friday morning. However, our backpacks missed the transfer and were still in Singapore. On the bright side, we didn't have to carry our backpacks to the hostel. Thanks to some nice people, we could go to the ACMI (TV/movie museum) with a clean, borrowed shirt, smelling like borrowed shampoo. Our backpacks were delivered at the hostel on Saturday late in the evening. It was an experience that gave a whole new meaning to backpacking for us and definitely made me value my belongings more. Melbourne is lovely. There's skyscrapers everywhere but it has beautiful churches too. It's actually this contrast that makes it so pretty. The night after we got our luggage back, we immediately used that opportunity to dress up fancy (alright I'll admit, fancy-ish ... read more
Flinders station
Lui bar (skybar)
View from our spot at the skybar

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