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February 9th 2009
Published: August 30th 2017
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My last night in Cairns was a beauty, drinks at Tim's around the dining table (Cairns has a thriving dining table party scene) Was the usual raucous Friday night with everybody talking at once and none of us making any sense. About 11pm we decided that inflicting ourselves upon each other had run its course so we had to find other people to inflict ourselves on, that's when we decided to head into a mate's nightclub and see what was happening, well sadly nothing was, the place was empty. We came to the realisation that another nightclub (yes Cairns has more than 1) had the Rainbow Serpent after party on. So we made our apologies and headed over to the other venue.
What a contrast the place was heaving with the tried and true of the Cairns Doof fraternity. All the people that I had failed to see at Rainbow where there. So we had a bit of a boogie, well that was until the music got so crap and predictable we had to leave, but by this stage it was 4am anyway. Eventually getting home at 6.30am well and truly shagged.
Had a half arsed sleep for a couple of hours but I just couldn't settle knowing that I had to catch a plane later that day. So I spent the day with my puppy, we went for a walk in the bucketing rain, threw the stick and generally hung out doing happy doggy things. I won't see her now for 4 months and after spending nearly every day of the past 3 years with her its going to be strange her not being around.
Got the plane at 4pm and arrived in Melbourne at 8pm where it had been 46.3 degrees and half the state was on fire. The weather had cooled by the time I arrived but it seems that by then most of the damage had been done.
Got a phone call from a friend last night telling me that his mothers house was one of those that had burnt down, and the photos that he sent showed nothing but charred ground and twisted iron, there wasn't a wall left standing. Luckily she managed to get out with a few possessions but everything else was gone.
Its been cooler for the past 2 days in Melbourne, its a strange place for weather it has no consistency, while I was riding into the city today the Nylex clock said it was 17 degrees, it hard to believe that only a few days ago it was one of the hottest days on record.
Going to spend the rest of my week tying up loose ends and saying goodbye to as many people as I can.
But mostly I will be spending my time with the lovely Jana.


10th February 2009

Culture shock Our planes crossed in midair as I flew back from Korea with the family. Back to harsh environmental and economic reality - but nothing like you'll be seeing. Our accumulation of wealth complicates our lives and a wealth of
choices can construct fictious traps which keep us blinded. You fly free now and keep those deep eyes open for the joy of the real - the silver lining of the grind of poverty. L Avril

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