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April 12th 2012
Published: April 12th 2012
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Degraves Street, to the right of my apartment, where all the action takes place
Today marks the 12 month aniversary of the beginning of my adventures across Australia. If someone had of told me a year ago that I would be in Melbourne living and working on this date 2012, it's likely I would have remarked "No way!" Don't get me wrong, I love Melbourne, this is an incredible city, vibrant and alive, and certainly a place where everything is at your finger tips...and be quick because it moves fast and loud.

The ringing in my ears never stops as the noise of city life permeates my ears and the energy is high-intensity, which for a girl like me, is overwhelming at times. Despite the fact I have to walk-over homeless people begging for change daily, or try and dodge the excriment found on the footpaths, I enjoy the multicultural place that is Melbourne. I try to catch myself in thought before I utter the words out loud, "Am I in Australia?" as I walk down Swanston Street to find I'm the only person who isn't Asian, but my political-incorrect ways aside, I don't complain as this city has the best dumplings anywhere seen outside Asia. To add to the diversity, is the night-life

Below my apartment, yet another laneway filled with city-goers
which is like no other city in Australia. One minute you find yourself leaving some intriguing club, only to be told by the bouncer where there's yet another cool bar to park yourself for the night. Don't mind that it's down some street and turn left in the laneway and left again into an alley where you will find a door that has a phone number on it "just ring the number and they'l come downstairs and get you" you're told. These kind of places have names so long and tedious that you forget them instantly, only to kick yourself on the short walk home as you forgot how to get there and it could've been the best bar you've ever been to! Basically in short, Melbourne is so cool without trying, which is refreshing, as it makes you feel some-what like you fit in, even if you feel like a mis-fit elsewhere.

When I left Adelaide, which feels like so long ago now, I honestly had no idea what was in store for me, so on some level I was prepared for the unexpected...kind of! I'm not sure any of what has happened on my travels in the

On the banks of the Yarra, lazing about on a random thursday afternoon (after work of course)
last 12months was exactly what I thought may have happened, but here I sit anyway, on the banks of the Yarra, computer on my lap as I bask in the glorious Melbourne Autumn weather. Working and living in the city is exhilirating amongst many things, and in time I know I will look back as this chapter in Melbourne, as an adventure all by itself.

Recently I went back to Byron Bay for a couple of weeks, in large part to re-connect with my bus Iris, who endured some weather-beating from the likes of the Northern NSW wet season. And of course I also went back to re-connect with the new friends that have filled my life with so much love. My time spent there was so wonderful and as always I found it nearly impossible to leave a part of this country that fills my soul with so much peace & joy. It's truly amazing to experience the contrast that comes from different lifestyles and what character or personality traits each place pulls out of me. Poor Iris was unable to fit her giant butt into the driveway of a friends place here in Melbourne, so she continues to sit in Byron. In some ways this is perfect for me, as I get to go back there in a few weeks for awhile to tend to her 'renovations' as a group of my friends will share a 'working-bee' to get her ready for more travels at some point.

Tonight I am taking myself out for dinner to celebrate the past 12months that have been filled with more love and enjoyment than I new possible, and also to reflect on the challenges that have tested me. It's my hope that I will conclude my evening with not only a satisfied palate but an appreciation for all that I have experienced and will experience, as I continue on my journey.


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