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March 9th 2012
Published: March 9th 2012
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Wilson’s prom is the most beautiful looking place we have been9Yeah). But it rained and rained and rained(ohhh). So we had to leave early which is a real same cause there is so much cool stuff to do there. WE saw heaps of great wild life. In the afternoon all the wombats come out. They are really friendly. One wombat let me pat him. It feels like kangaroo fur. We saw this other funny looking bird. I think it looks like a bird out of the Goodies.

We left early and camped at a place called powlett river near Phillip Island. Mum hated the dirty toilets and showers. WE all loooovvveeed Phillip Island. WE SAW THE FAIRY PENGUINS!!!! They are soooooooo cute! You sit in the grandstand on the beach and wait for them. A wave washed up a whole heap of them at once. They slide in on the wave on their tummy. Then they all stand up at once. They line up and then like a bunch they all waddle off at the same time. Everyone in the crowd goes arww at the same time. Then you walk next to them along the wooden path to the dunes where they stay for the night. There were heaps of them. They make some funny noises. James was sooo cute. He waddled next to them and made the exact same noise as them. He probably thinks he is one. Before you leave you have to check under your car incase there is one under your car.

We went to the chocolate factory. It was DELICIOUS and FUN. We got to see amazing things made of chocolate, we saw how it was made, played games, won chocolate, made chocolate, ate chocolate and invented our own chocolate. We got some cool photos too.

We found a surfing beach called Flynn’s beach. We didn’t swim because it was too cold. WE went to some art galleries, wineries and had lunch at a really nice restaurant.

WE went to Melbourne for a day. WE had lunch at a famous place called the woolshed pub. James took his shoes off in the middle of it. Our lunch was really nice. We saw the builders fixing the building next door up for the Fashion week next week. WE went shopping. I got some cool Sunglasses. We went on a tram. I saw lots of old buildings. They are fancy cause Melbourne was a rich town when it was built because of the Gold Rush years ago. WE went to the art gallery. James and I played in the kids interactive section. I got a new sketch book and have been sketching some of the places we have been. No colour just drawing. Melbourne is my favourite city so far. Dad didn’t like the traffic but besides that we had a good time.



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9th March 2012

Wow Billy, was that real chocolate you were sitting on. Looks like something weird happened to James' chocolate!! I would have loved to see all the fairy penguins .... not quite the same at Sea World! Is doing school of the air fun? Sounds better than going to me! James and you have got really big too, I've grown as well (funny that). What was at the big worm? They've got a 'big' thing everywhere now! Keep having a great time on your adventure. Did you really like shopping?? from your mate Ash!
16th March 2012

Can you email me a picture
Hi Ash, Can you email me a picture of you so I can see how big you are now? Do you have Skype? We do. Maybe we could Skype one day soon. Billy
16th March 2012

Can you email me a picture
Hi Ash, Can you email me a picture of you so I can see how big you are now? Do you have Skype? We do. Maybe we could Skype one day soon. Billy
12th March 2012

Way cool Billy!!
Hi Billy Have loved hearing about Victoria. I thought Phillip Island was great too with the little penguins. I can imagine James waddling along with them. And the chocolate place! You must have thought you were in heaven. We really miss you all so it is wonderful to be able to read your blog and see all the wonderful photos. I used to go to Jindabyne when I was little, younger than you, but that was before they flooded the lake. Did you know there was another town under the lake? Lots of love to you all.
13th March 2012

excellent writing
We are loving your blog Billy its great to see what you have been up to. Flynns beach looks beautiful but I dont blame you for not swimming there if it was too cold...it makes me laugh to hear about James and the funny things he does. We are missing you and your family. Cheers, Rob

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