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January 21st 2012
Published: January 31st 2012
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Delighted to leave St Kilda - not my favourite place that's for sure. Got on the tram to be greeted by an old lady that provides running commentary of all the stops on the route for your convenience. Lipstick all over her teeth and yapping dog at her ankles. Great. I shoudn't have worried - the weirdo guy that got on next and started telling me how I'd break hearts and needed to hold out for the perfect man was worse. And he never got off the tram until Melbourne CBD. Joy.

Weirdos aside, I was happy to be back in Melbourne and bumped into Christian, Zoe and Sarah at the hostel. Zoe and Sarah are staying in Melbourne working and Christian will be going to Adelaide after me. I'll miss them all but hopefully will be able to catch up with the girls back home in the UK, as they live not so far away.

The bus tonight is a Firefly coach rather than a Greyhound bus. Not that it should make much difference but I hope it's a nice coach. Turns out it's fab - complete with in-journey entertainment, in the form of a big round comedian driver and a cheesy Brit/Aussie film. Excellent stuff.

Also transpires I can Skype from my iPod on the bus - so I didn't have to miss the normal Saturday 'call home' session. Everyone got to see the bus and bits of Melbourne which must've made a pleasant change from just having to see my face faaaar too close up!

The other entertainment came in the form of a stowaway, uncovered at Ballarat. Big round comedian driver was suddenly less than impressed and wasted no time in ejecting the fare dodger onto the streets at just before midnight. Dramatic but entertaining all the same...

Hopefully sleep time after the dreadful movie, so I wake up full of the joys of spring in Adelaide...fingers crossed!


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