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December 5th 2009
Published: December 20th 2009
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So have been in Melbourne for a few days now.
Walked around the CBD, went to St. Kilda and Philip Island and went to a Graduation ceremony at U of Mel!

The CBD felt a lot like Toronto!!! Chapel St felt a lot like Queens St!!! haa..many nice buildings around the CBD, I like all those Little Streets....haaaa..they had all these nice small stores and cafes!
Still, a very buzzling city compared to Perth..and we didn't get much sunshine..=(

After the city, took the tram to St. Kilda....and OMG...so windy and cold!!!!!
Walked down that one street...it was ok....had a few very small cake shops!!!=P
The beach wasn't all that pretty..but at the back of the pier, there was a penguin lookout spot!!!! so cute!!! the Little Penguins hid behind the big rocks waiting for their parents to come feed them!!! We waited till around 830pm but the penguins didn't swim back..=( Had to leave.......=(
The sunset there was beauitful tho=)

My friend picked up her parents and then next day, went to Philip Island! We started off late, drove like 2 hours and got to the Wildlife Reserve! There were many open range areas, Emus were EVIL!!! they kept chasing us for food!!! Kangaroooos were so cute!!!! so were Wallabies!!!! There were these other birds and they were evil too, chasing all the people around for fooood!!!.....scared the hell out of me...>_<" Koalas were lazy on trees and we saw a bunch of other things i forgot their name...haa

Around evening we headed to the Penguin Parade, which was a windy wait by the beach.....around dawn, the penguins started to show up along the shore!! SO CUTE!!!! thheir white bellies and the reflection from water on the beach..made them look like walking fishes...haaaaaa!!! it seems like they took so much effort to walk!!!! so cute!!! we followed them along the hill to their homes....man, they are some noisy animals!!! and so weird they will stand in the middle of the "road" and just stare....and not move...weird. We ended up to be the last group to leave! HAAAA!!! One penguin lost its way and ended up in the parking lot!!! arghhhh.....worried...

That took a long night and today, woke up early to my friend's grad ceremony! Congrats to her, finally becoming the VET she dreamt to be!!!!=) U of Mel...I didn't get to tour much of the campus....but didn't seem big to me..and they really know how to do business...haaa...all those thingies that cost money....haaaa! We had lunch at Lrygon St? nice street with many nice restaurants!!!! we had some gooood gelati!!=P

Slacking for the rest of the day as my friend went to her grad dinner......heading to the city again tomorrow for more slacking! =D


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