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February 9th 2006
Published: February 9th 2006
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check out the new pictures guys! (im just getting this out of the way for those people who just want pics and no post heh)


its been less than a week since landing in Sydney Australia. after buying a used van, driving over 1000km, and meal after meal of pasta, we've arrived in Melbourne. its been quite the trip so far, jam-packed with stress and joy.

in Sydney we went to a used car lot full of backpackers trying to sell there vans in what felt like a dungeon. we scored one from some canadian boys (vancouver) and were on our way. she was marked up, rusted, drawn on, and needed a bit of love. we decided back in Queenstown *sigh* that we were going to paint something revolutionary on the van that we bought, and sell it back for more than we bought it for. well post some van updates as it gets finished between cities in the outback.

we drove to Canberra, the capitol city of Australia and visited the parlaiment building which was very interesting. (enjoy the pictures)

passing through the big city of Sydney and out into OZ, weve come across kangaroo signs and hints of the outback and what is to come in the following weeks. we are saving alot of money with this van and the fact that we are selling it back for more is an added bonus.

we will be in Melbourne for a couple of days, as we are meeting up with Mike's girlfriend's sister and getting ready for the real outback. from here we will head up to Adelaide and up the center of OZ to Ayer's Rock, the touristy but must see stop. then up and around towards Cairns on the east coast where we will sell the van.

this little side trip to Australia has put our business and travelling minds to the test. this van we are living in has become the 4th member of our travelling fellowship. without her i wouldnt be typing this right now.

id like to thank you all again for your comments that you guys leave me. stepping back into reality and hearing from those who care back home puts a genuine smile on my face. i am sorry i cant respond to most of them but i really dont have a lot of time as internet is expensive and im on a budget! lol

yesterday was our 3 month anniversary...we celebrated with a Pepsi and some mosquitoes in our van at night, congrats boys.

with a month to go and about 6000km to drive, im not sure where the next post will be written, but i know some of the pictures will be breathtaking. maybe some of andy boxing a kangaroo or mike chasing a dingo, we'll see what i can do. until next time, keep your dreams alive, and keep smiling...and pray that we dont get bitten or dried out in the outback.

cheers mates, until next time

dp and the schmidts


10th February 2006

u mentioned u were gonna do up a little che on the van. It was wierd cuz just this wednesday we watched a movie called Motorcycle diaries, which is essential a biography on the early stages of his life. He went on a journey with his best friend, and they travelled on the motorcycle all up the coast of South America. Also, a guy i talk to often on devart lives in melbourne. I could give him a shout if u wanted me too.
10th February 2006

K so I'm chillin with some friends in my room, talking about experiences and for some reason I mentioned that fact that you posted some new pics and bought a van. Then my friend Kristen told me that her two guy friends justsold their van in Australia... they're from B.C as is Kristen. So I show her the picture you posted, and that's it! She's seen that van in her friend's pics!!! So you just bought my friend's friends' van... how wierd is that?!!! Love ya lots, keep up the fun times!!! Enjoy the van!!
19th February 2006

glad it goes well.
hi Dan, It's Al Kirk (fat guy, with beard, half a cup of coffie at a time) I have a friend who lives in Perth. Are you going over to that side? he may be able to lend you a shower, and a place to park for a few days. Has a house near the beach I hear, but he travels a lot so maty not be around. If intrested, get back.

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