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June 27th 2008
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City LifeCity LifeCity Life

Melbourne City. So Beautiful
Ok this is gunna be back-tracking. See if I can remember back that far.

I went down with Michael & Lisa (Zagami). My first long trip away from home. So I took two weeks off work and off we went. We we're goin to be staying with some of Michael's family. Not only was this my first interstate trip but it was my first time on an airplane. I hated heights and small spaces so I knew I wasn't goin to like this. But we landed without the firey blaze. So it didn't start out too bad. I had been filled with not only excitement but alson Dread the week before we went down. I knew what Micbhael's family was like. I was terriffied we would spend our whole time down there doing what they wanted.


The first week was like hell. As what I had dreaded came true. Everything thety asked Michael refused to say no. So we spent our time going from one person's house to another. We went out to Drumana the second day we were there, as Michael's Dad wanted someone to keep him company on the ride out
City Life 2City Life 2City Life 2

The big City
to a job interview. It was cold and wet. Not the best day. Michael made it up to me the next day by taking me and Lisa Shopping in Knox City. Spent alot of money, bought alot of nice clothes. It was the only day in the first week that wasn't a total dissaster. We spent the next couple of days going everywhere we were told to go, and doing everything we were told to do.

It reached a point where Michale and I were fighting all the time, and all I wanted was to get on the next plane and come home crying.It was a nightmare. I kept telling myself that this was the biggest waist of money ever. I woke up every morning hope that this would be the day that Michael would stand up to his family and just say no. Enough was enough. Then Finaly the day came. It was so much fun from that day onwards.


The second week hit us, but it seemed the first week went on forever. But the second week went by so fast. It was so much fun. We spent hours on end
Melbourne Train StationMelbourne Train StationMelbourne Train Station

This is a photo of Melbourne Train Station. It was massive. It seemed to go on forever. I couldn''t get it all in the photo.
walking around the streets, Shopping centres, the City in general. I saw a completely different side of Melbourne than what I had seen in our first week. We went to the Vic markets with Micheal's Aunt Menny. They were amazing. I'd been to Eumundie Markets & Caloundra Markets & Sydney Markets (I was like 8), but nothing like the Vic Markets. They were so big and had everything. I spent so much money that day. It was amazing.

The last couple of days in Melbourne we did so much. We went to the Melbourne Zoo. I loved it there. I loved being surrounded by all the animals. It was so soothing. Michael & I spent the whole day just walking around the enclosures. Michael loved the Lion habbitat. I preffered the Elephant and Monkeys. The next day we went to St Kilda. It was such a beautiful day. The water was still cold but it looked so inviting. We went for a walk along the peer, and the beach. We drove past Luna Park. It was such a great day.

All in all the second week was amazing. We did so much stuff we had never
Night LifeNight LifeNight Life

The Melbourne City Night Life
done before. Well me at least. We both came home with great memories and lots of photos. I hope that when I leave to travel the rest of the world, it's as good as my second week was.

People who were there: Michael, Jennifer, Lisa & during week one the rest of Michael's family

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Nite OutNite Out
Nite Out

This was in the center of the City. We had a night out on the town. Fun times.
The CrownThe Crown
The Crown

Lobby of the Crown Casino in Melbourne.
Me & Michael at the CrownMe & Michael at the Crown
Me & Michael at the Crown

Me and Michael on the Stairs in the Crown Casino
The Bolte BridgeThe Bolte Bridge
The Bolte Bridge

The Boltie Bridge in Melbourne City
Fairis WheelFairis Wheel
Fairis Wheel

The Fairis Wheel in the Center of Melbourne City.
Me & LisaMe & Lisa
Me & Lisa

Me and Lisa in Druamana. Just outside of Melbourne.

The Lion habbitat at the Melbourne Zoo.
Little TimonLittle Timon
Little Timon

The Meerkats at Melbourne Zoo.

The Elephant enclosure at Melbourne Zoo

he butterfly habbitat was stunnining

I decided I should make new friends while out and about.
Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh myLions & Tigers & Bears Oh my
Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh my

They were so cute just lying around. So relaxed.
Luna ParkLuna Park
Luna Park

Luna Park In St Kilda
Michael & IMichael & I
Michael & I

Michale and I at St Kilda Sea Baths.
I see StarsI see Stars
I see Stars

A dried out starfish on the deck of a St Kilda Peer.

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