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August 15th 2008
Published: October 23rd 2008
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Presentation to Alex for his sterling performance as David Beckham.
Hi everyone
It's been a while since I updated our blog, but life has been pretty busy.
A few weeks ago, the football season finished (because it's spring/early summer now) and the kids all went to their clubs celebration and prize giving event. They were all very excited, because winning a trophy is almost getting the confirmation that they are champions and the next Wayne Rooney or David Beckham..... and oh how mum wishes that was the case! 😊

So we attend their prize giving, and what a beautiful day, and officially before the first day of spring. Unfortunately, I was working all day, so didn't get a glimse of the beautiful weather, but some friends of ours had been sunbathing and turned up with a tan!! 😱

Kids, of course all 'won' a trophy each, and a small prize, which there were all over the moon about.

A couple of week later, it's our 15th Wedding anniversary! OMG, is that a life sentence?!? I think so?!? I've put up with random channel switching and all the usual stuff us women put up with for 15 years, surely I deserve a commandation from the Queen or the Prime

Presentation Stage
Minister?!? So we did plan a night out. Luckily we found ourselves a nice baby sitter and kids love her, so we called her in and set off to the city of Melbourne for a night out. I booked a nice resturant, in the city on the side of the river Yarra. As we got to the resturant, Stef says "oooh, looks pricey", "yes, I said, but I'm worth it arn't I?". The answer of course was "year dear!" 😊

We did have a lovely meal, and then decided to spend $100 in the casino next door. After a few glasses of wine, I was feeling quite merry and unbeatable, so we visited the roulette tables. We changed our money and made a few guesses. Luckily we won some back, hurray!!

Had a couple more goes and we won again, our luck was in! Anyway, Stef says it's time to go, baby-sitter turns into a pumpkin after 12:30pm, so we decide on our last bet, lucky black 8. We had a few other punters join the table and some had realised just how lucky I was, and copied my bets. The guy spun the wheel and we waited.

Went bowling after the presentation to celebrate.
"Oh, I said we didn't win, let's go", but Stef won't go, seems to think we won. Naww.... I can't see that we have, but then the guy behind the table, say's "oh you won big". Hurray, black 8 won, and we collected over $250, plus our original $100!

We're very happy, money for nothing and Stef is happy, it's like he never paid for the posh meal at the resturant!

Next day we decide to spend our winnings on a new Aussie BBQ, so we try it out and have a great time. Stef, beer in hand, like a native, enjoys cooking the sausages and the burgers. Cool. Looking forward to our first full Aussie summer, full of Barbies and not having to worry about putting a brolly up, because it's forecast for rain!

Check out the pictures!
Luv Claire, Stef & the boys.

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Josh, expert bowler

Mum and champion boys.

Stef trying our his new BBQ

Kids assist and check to ensure Dad does a good job

bit more supervision from Josh required before Dad can be an expert...

Professional and authentic Aussie at the Barbie, doing us proud! Obviously, the beer makes the food better!

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