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August 25th 2019
Published: August 26th 2019
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Finally got myself checked through and into the lounge to pass a couple of hours before boarding. The majority of the people in the lounge are Chinese and no doubt heading home to Hong Kong. And no doubt wondering what will greet them as the riots continue. Then there’s the Aussie baby boomer couples. Easy to spot as they eye of the liquor cabinet and their comfortable clothing for a long flight. And then.... there is the eccentric unusual character- and no I’m not talking about myself! A gentleman, somewhere between 60-70 years of age whose shiny leather, pointy toed shoes make a clicking sound on the shiny black tiles. Talking to himself as he decides on his nourishment. A business man I suspect. And of course there’s the female solo traveller typing this account..... I’ll say no more about this character and her eccentric ways. Heaven knows what they are thinking about her- probably not much as their heads are in their devices ( like me!) passing the time.

But as different as we all seem the similarities are all too familiar. We are all weary as we pass the obligatory time away. We cruise the food available to select our delights and all ponder that alcohol cabinet with some choosing to remain sober and reach for the tea. And me, sobriety was my choice and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate. An unusual choice as I would normally imbibe in a little bubbly. But I want to sleep all the way to Hong Kong and bubbly will inhibit that as well as not being the best companion for the sleeping tablet I will be taking.

Oooops! A gentleman has just lost control of the tongs and he looks totally embarrassed as both tongs and 2 mini spring rolls go flying across the floor. A young man nearby relieves his embarrassment with the phrase..’slippery little suckers’ and all is saved through good Aussie humour.

Waters bottles have been filled, newspapers read and tastebuds tantalised.

So I say goodnight as boarding time nears and hoping Hong Kong is peaceful, not to mention Paris with their protests around the G7 meeting. Could be interesting times over the coming days.

Bonne Nuit


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