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December 8th 2010
Published: December 8th 2010
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Hey everyone, It's been a busy week! We are going to finally be able to upload the pictures today. Since we last wrote a blog entry we have moved into our new apartment, had job interviews/trials and have really started exploring the area. The apartment is very nice, a lot bigger than what we were expecting and we are sharing with two other couples; two from Canada, one Englishman and an American. They're all very nice and easy to get along with, although being slightly messy, but it's something that we can easily live with. We are situated in one of the best locations in Melbourne, on a really busy shopping street with everything we need with bars, restaurants, clubs, supermarkets etc so we have everything that we need right on our doorstep and also being a 6 minute train ride from the city centre! Hannah's found herself a job working in a wine and cheese bar with very expensive and exclusive wines of up to $500 a bottle! Her boss is very lenient and friendly and is aware that she is travelling and working, so is very understanding if she wants a day off to go to a sports game/concert etc. However after two job interviews for the same job, Jamie didn't get the job in sports sales and marketing probably due to his age as other candidates had a lot more experience in sales/marketing etc and some candidates were nearly twice his age. The weather here has been very tropical recently with sweltering heat on many days, but with various torrential downpours. On Monday we found a quiet little park only 5 minutes from our apartment where there are several tennis courts and a large outdoor swimming pool and Jamie got really sunburnt after only sunbathing for about an hour, but he's nice and brown now! Also, Jamie is really happy with how England are hammering the Aussies in the cricket at the moment and is wearing his England shirt proudly whilst writing this blog. We are looking to get tickets today for the Ashes test in Melbourne on the 27th December, which will be a great experience and we are also going to enquire about the possibilty of getting Aussie Open, Rihanna or Michael Buble concert tickets when they come to Melbourne! There's just so much thats going on in Melbourne, we've been here for about 10 days now and we've probably discovered so little of the city so far, we're discovering new things everyday, which is exciting! Also, yesterday we went to the Melbourne Zoo and had a great time as you will be able to see by the pictures that will be going up. We saw monkeys, lions, giraffes, zebras etc etc and saw the famous Aussie animals; kangaroos, koala bears and also a few snakes. However, we did have a strange lady that was speaking to us at lunch then asked if she could 'tag along' with us for a bit, so we duly obliged as you do, but she wouldn't go away for ages, so we had to make up a lie that we were leaving the park just to get rid of her! Anyway, thats all for now, we'll write soon...
Jamie & Hannah xxx


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