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December 29th 2008
Published: December 29th 2008
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Public BathroomsPublic BathroomsPublic Bathrooms

this is a picture of a public bathroom...crazy
Today was a new day. On my walk to the tram I took a differnt route. On the route I saw this public restroom that looked very high tech. The door even looked like a space ship...kinda differnt. On the panel there was some writing. Look for that description under the picture in the caption. From here I took the tram to Collins street. I was originally looking for St. Michaels but didn't find that because I went the wrong way. I also wanted to go to the Observation deck on the Rialto but the weather was not cooperating. The observation deck is a room on the top of the Rialto building where you are able to see 360 degrees around the city. Since the weather wasn't so nice I decided to just walk over to the Docklands to check out victoria harbour, the southern star wheel and do a little shopping at the harbour outlets. On my way there I was able to get a good view of the eureka skydeck. This is simular to the Rialto except its a different view of the city and there is also a room called the "edge". The edge is a room that
Public BathroomPublic BathroomPublic Bathroom

This is the control panel on the crazy is that...a control panel: Ok so teh panel reads the following from top to bottom starting with the heading followed by the little words with the braille and then the words with the pictures from Left to right. Title: Facilites are designed for your comfort and safety. Sentences top to bottom with the braille: Caution floor may be wet, safety small children should be accompanied by an adult, loiter alarm : after 10 minutes door will open and warning will sound, power failure : door can be opened manually, and cleaning cycle : when unoccupied this toliet is programmed to self clean. Pictures Row 1: Vacent, unoccupied and closed which all have a light to indicate which one is true. Row 2: sanitairt disposal (indicating there is one inside) and touch door to open which has a light.
extends out from the building that is made of glass. So when you look down you look straight down. The next sight on my walk was the the southern cross bus station and a good view of the eagle. This eagle marks the southern entry to the docklands and was made out of timber, aluminum and glass. The next attraction I saw from all different angles was the telstra dome. This dome has a retractable roof and is mostly used to play rugby in. This is located in the docklands which is a brand new area. Some of the buildings down here were amazing. The nab building, which is an insurance company, has so many vibrant colors on the outside of the building. As I continued to walk I hit victoria harbour and the harbour outlets. The southern star sits right behind the harbour outlets and just opened up on december 20th. This is a ferris wheel that turns as you are in a glass bubble. Again you are able to look out over the water and see the city. So after I did some shopping at the outlets I headed back down collins st to atempt to find the
Observation deck on RialtoObservation deck on RialtoObservation deck on Rialto

This is a view of the building with the observation deck
arcade. The block arcade is a shopping arcade that was built in 1869. Inside it still has some of its original walls and pieces. After walking through here I decided to walk down a small alley with a bunch of little cafes on it. The smell of food and coffee filled the air as everyone was busy eating and having their own conversations. The pathway was only about 3 feet wide and the walls were the outside of buildings...just bricks. At this point everyone seemed so happy and content in this small area that seemed so rustic. It just amazed me. This was the end of my trip during the day and later that evening I ventured out to the Melbourne Casino. The casino was huge. Not so impressive but huge. There were tons of restaurants, 3 floors, 2 food courts, and lots of gambeling. But its right on the Yarra river so the view was great...especially at night. You can't exactly tell from the pictures but its beautiful. Also on the water on the hour they do a fire show. There are pillars all along the river and each piller goes off at different times and different intensities. It
Downtown treesDowntown treesDowntown trees

This is a picture of the beautiful trees located in downtown
was neat. This concludes this blog but look for the next upcoming day soon!!!

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this is the eagle that marks the southern entry to the docklands. Its made out of timber, aluminum, and glass
nab buildingnab building
nab building

I thuoght this was an amazing building with all the vibrant colors
Victoria HarbourVictoria Harbour
Victoria Harbour

A good look from the central pier out into Victoria Harbour

New appartments in the docklands
An awesome buildingAn awesome building
An awesome building

I'm not to sure what this building is for but the architecture is great

Another piece of good architecture...this is a restaurant that overlooks victoria harbour

30th December 2008

Awesome Pics
Keep the pics comin Jess. I love it. Love Ya, Joey
31st December 2008

Just beautiful Jess!! I love the pictures and being able to see what you are seeing. Thanks!!

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