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May 18th 2008
Published: May 18th 2008
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Hi Everyone
Right, for those of you who don't know. Goon is the bags of wine you get in boxes for cheap, cheap, cheap. Remember, slap the goon, not the kids.
Anyway, life continues in chilly Melbourne. I've had some great and spontaneous nights out. There's a bar that has a rooftop bar with spectacular night views of the city. I went to see a local band that my friend Beth is friends with called Worlds End Press (myspace them for a listen). Been out in the city a bit and also that reliably cheap hostel bar. All starting to take its toll now, but mustn't faulter yet, as it's Neighbours Night tomorrow night. Neighbours night is held in a pub in St Kilda every Monday. Alot of the cast attend and even perform if they're musically inclined.
In preparation I'm going to Dan and Jill's in Malvern in a couple of hours for a roast dinner. And quite frankly I can't bloody wait after all the crappy 7/11 pies I've been eating! It's been really nice having them both here.
Other things I've done have included Fitzroy Park which is beautiful. Getting the free tram around the city. Still not having paid for any trams. Nearly being charged $55 by a copper for crossing the road when the green man wasn't showing (I played the England card. You can get run over as much as you want in the UK!). NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) for a wander around the free bits with a hangover. That's all I can think of right now.
Hope you're all well, merry and rosey. I love hearing from you all so keep the little messages coming.
Love Bex

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Bye Bye RuariBye Bye Ruari
Bye Bye Ruari

Giving Ruari a send off at the Bar.

18th May 2008

Yes, I do love being able to get run over whenever I like! Be careful out there!! xx

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