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October 20th 2007
Published: October 20th 2007
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Meat PieMeat PieMeat Pie

A trademark of the Australian diet. It's like a chicken pot pie but it has beef and gravy in it.
I can't believe that it is the weekend again already. I literally have no idea where the past week went.

Monday I spent time sleeping recovering from a weekend of camping and I also worked a bit on a big review sheet assignment that was due in my philosophy class. Berrak also came over that night as she's quite lonely in her new living arrangement. Tuesday was back to class again and more working on this review sheet. Wednesday I had class and also spent some time sleeping as I did not feel so great- my allergies are in full swing. Thursday was FINALLY the last day of class this week. The week seemed like it went so quickly but classes this week seemed to be so slow. I think it's because I know it's coming down to the end and I'm just ready for a break from classes. Thursday night I went and got a wonderful strawberry and creme drink from Starbucks and then sat down with a list of 11 grad schools in which I had some interest. I decided that night I was going to narrow it down to the final 5. I was tired of not knowing where I wanted to apply, I was tired of people asking and me not having an answer, and it's also time for me to start working on applications, etc. as some are due in about 2 months. There are letters of recommendation to be written, personal statements to write, resumes to update, etc.

I was able to narrow it down to four and then after a little push in the right direction from a few people and a night worth of not being able to sleep because I was thinking about it too much....I have come to the final 5:
James Madison University
Miami University in Ohio
University of Arkansas- Little Rock
Syracuse University
Clemson University
I'm very happy with that top 5 and would consider it an honor to get accepted/go to school at any of those 5 schools. Now, I've just got to fill out and send in applications and play the wait game to see where I get accepted.

Yesterday, Friday, was a photo rampage day for Theresa and I. We started off by going to the park down the street, then to Safeway to take a picture of all the "funny" Australian things,
Docklands ParkDocklands ParkDocklands Park

Once a kid, always a kid.
then down Glenferrie to take pictures of all the horses lining the street and finally down to the city. We had lunch at Cafe Rednine, went down to the Webb Bridge, over to the Docklands Park and then we went down to the other end of the city and visited the Shrine of Rememberance. It was such a beautiful day and before we knew it, 7 hours had passed by. We could have seen a lot more, but we spent a lot of time at the park just laying around under the sun and enjoying the AMAZING weather. I will miss the cloud-less skies and the endless blue.

I came back to the apartment and went to get sushi with Ayako. I had never experienced sushi until last night and I really enjoyed it! We also watched the Australian Idol special on TV and waited for Berrak to arrive. When she got here, we played some music, took some goofy photos, drank some tea and then headed to bed kind of early (2 am) as we were all exhausted.

Well, today is HOMEWORK day. I will not go to bed until this paper of mine is written and I mean that.
Until next time,

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