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February 11th 2010
Published: February 15th 2010
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I had bought a 65litre backpack in December for my trip, which also had a 15litre day sack attached that you zip on and off. I seem to have collected quite a lot along the way, so when I was in Cambodia I bought an extra day sack to stop my backpack from splitting.
After routing through my stuff this morning, I realised how much I could do without, so to lighten the load I decided to pay for a courier to send things home. Steph and Ellie came with me to the Post office and I sent a box to my Mam. It cost me over $100 but it means my backpack won't be as heavy and I know the items (which have sentimental value) will make it home safely.
We walked to the tram stop and saw some poor girl slam in to a glass pane after not looking where she was walking while texting on her phone. She hurried off, her face gleaming red in embarrassment.
We jumped on the free City Circle Tram which goes clockwise and anti-clockwise around the city, and has a voiceover pointing out the major attractions to the tourists. Flinders Street Station is a really old traditional Train Station in the heart of the city and that’s where we chose to get off the tram. Steph walked us through Federation Square, an open precinct with deck chairs you can help yourself to, and a big screen to watch. Inside the Fed Square building there is an art gallery and museum and, of course, the mandatory trendy bar or two.
Nipped in to Melbourne City Central shopping mall and bought a new dress for St Kilda festival on Sunday. Steph was an excellent tour guide and took us to an area called The Lanes which is a network of Alleyways full of quaint coffee shops and one-off boutiques. Steph knew of a more hidden area of The Lanes where students and the younger generation of city workers have lunch. It was darker, with a grungier vibe and grouped shabby chic shops with lively eateries and sushi bars. One particularly cool boutique sold pretty vintage dresses, antique brouches and was playing scratchy 1920's music. The shop assistant was wearing an eccentric mix of patterned garments and her hair seemed to have developed a mind of it’s own, standing up in all directions and waving at me.
I had a chicken Schnitzel wrap, and just as I was about to place my order, my mind momentarily went blank causing me to pronounce “schnitzel” with great difficulty to the waitress. After lunch we went to Harbour Town (not far from Steph’s apartment in the Docklands area) for more shopping, then flopped on the sofa for a chilled night in.

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16th February 2010

wow melbourne looks fabulous
Hi there - looks like you had a marathon blogging session judging by all these Oz blogs. Melbourne looks fantastic - might visit myself someday. Have fun in Sydney. love Angela/Mum
17th February 2010

Hi Zo! Been to Melbourne myself - probably feels more like home to you (other than the weather!) - I remember feeling like I was home there, just because everyone speaks English! You really won't want to be here, so drag it out as long as you can! Goodness knows what changes are planned. If you came back tomorrow we wouldn't even need a handover, as Paul and I have barely said much to each other, because he's bound by the confidentiality agreement and I'm not signed in! Really bizarre situation! We're all pretty disheartened and a good few of us at 'my' end want VR if it's offered! I'd recommend that to you too and then you can move to Oz!! Anyway, you really look so happy and I'm so envious! See you in April - I'll keep following your adventures! Laura xx

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