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February 17th 2011
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brown yarra riverbrown yarra riverbrown yarra river

brown yarra river
I woke up today quite excited as i knew later tonight my mum, younger brother and I went off to Melbourne for a few days. Of course, i was going to miss my boyfriend, as in our 5 years of being together this would be the longest apart. I still had to pack, but had to wash all my clothes and get ready. 3pm came, and i thought i should probably have a shower and straighten my hair, as i hadnt packed yet and i had to leave at 6pm! But i thought i'd have enough time, so daudled a little more.

Will came home at 4pm and was like you need to pack!! (I am quite suprised i didnt pack sooner to be honest!!) 5pm came, and i thought, omg i have 1 hour to pack and do my hair i better get going!! Starting to stress now, my mum rang and said we didnt have to leave until around 6.30pm so i was happy to get some time. After alot of stressing and rushing around, i finally was ready to go at 6.35pm.

We got a bus over as mum is to scared to fly, so the
Sebel inside decorSebel inside decorSebel inside decor

Sebel inside decor
bus left at 8.05pm, arriving in melbourne approx 6am. 10 hours on a bus.. ive done it before and it sucked! but by now i was too excited to worry about that!!

Marc(my younger bro) was quite excited about the trip as he hadnt been anywere before really.. i told him they played a dvd and he was really excited, until i told him it was something like the sound of music, of which he was like are you serious??? it wasnt.. but it was funny to scare him!!

Our first stop was tintenara were i wasnt hungry, but peckish so thought id get a cup of chips.. only to find out my mum ordered a HUGE plate of chips and gravy for me while i was in the toilet.. it was HUGE!! could feed 3 people i rekon! Back on the road about midnight, i tried to get some rest, but with no luck! Our second main stop was Ararat at around 3am. I wasnt hungry, just tired!! So i got a OJ..back onto the bus and we finally made it to Melbourne at around 5.45am!!! It was raining outside, and i was like oh great im
melbourne streetsmelbourne streetsmelbourne streets

melbourne streets
wearing shorts and a t shirt im going to freeze!! but i didnt, it was boiling hot and humid!!

I think i got around 2 hours sleep max, so i was really exhausted and tired!!
We arrived to the hotel room, which was the Sebel apartments at around 6am. our room wasnt quite ready yet as check in was about 2pm.. so we dumped our stuff in the cloac room, and went of for brekkie! By this stage i was wide awake again!!

We stopped at mc donalds for brekkie, and i must say i was disgusted!! As an ex worker at mc donalds, my standards are generally high knowing what they are meant to do and not meant to do, but i am also very understanding in the sense of things happen for a reason, but this was just bad! My wrap had a hair the size of about 15cm in it, black and long! i litually was dry reaching!! There was indian music playing, and while im not against indian stuff, this music was so loud !! it was like i was in a club!! Off to the toilets, were again i found poo all over
melbourne streetsmelbourne streetsmelbourne streets

melbourne streets
the walls, and the toilet seat! as well as blood everywere too!! maybe the cleaners didnt know?? but thats not true because i saw the cleaner going in there but obviously didnt care. I must say, i was very grossed out and we didnt go back there!

We went to ticket teck to book our tickets for the Melbourne ghost tour for following night, and then made our way back to the hotel to see if our room was ready. It was only 9am 😞 .. they said no again, so we waitied in the lobby, VERY tired wanting nothing more than a bed to sleep!!

Finally at 9.30am, a room was ready! it was a nice room.. nothing too bad for what we paid, although the bathroom did have moldy bits in areas, but besides that it was great. The staff were also great. Off to sleep for a bit as we were too tired to do anything else. The decor in the hotel was amazing though! sooo pretty!!

After sleeping for 5 hours, we woke up around 2.30pm and decided to go explore melbourne! Walked to the Yarra which the water was BROWN! i have
sky deck view from our roomsky deck view from our roomsky deck view from our room

sky deck view from our room
been here 3 times now, and i dont recall it being brown the other times?? I got my partner a valentines day pressie as i wasnt going to be there on the day with him, but was going to give it to him when i got back. I ordered a kebab from a eatery in the crowne plaza area and although it was nice, nothing beats Adelaides yiros! Ive had them at sydney melbourne and adelaide(home) now and so far adelaides are the best!!

Back to the hotel room to get some sleep, as we were having an early start tomorrow! I was worried that because i had slept for 5 hours, i wouldnt be able to sleep, but i did just fine!

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view from our roomview from our room
view from our room

view from our room

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