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April 30th 2011
Published: April 30th 2011
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G'day one and all,

How ya going? Hope you are all well.

My last blog entry was from a train in the middle of nowhere practically. So what I didn't get to write in that entry was that the train journey just went from bad to worse!! I mentioned the screaming kids.... they actually managed to scream for the entire journey - not only that, the train kept breaking down!!!! It must have been just after i published my blog that the first breakdown occurred. Some fuses blew for the engine cooling system but we were assure that the, and I quote, 'Clever drivers have managed to solve the problem and we're on our way!' Well all that sounds good but when the initial breakdown is at a station and further overheating problems occurred in the middle of nowhere it became a nightmare. I became so tearful and frustrated. Bless Wilson and Ro, they'd come in to the city to pick me up and I was making the wait and miss the wedding. The final straw came when we broke down 8km outside of the train station and were told the train was going no further and we'd have to have another locomotive sent out to rescue us!! Royal Wedding time was looming and I was NOT in my designated seat! Anyway, needless to say I did make it to the station in the end and got in the car at 8pm - just as the wedding had started. So we missed some of it but from what saw it was fantastic, very tasteful and thought the dress was beautiful.
Was so lovely to see Wilson, Karen & Ro and their friends once I arrived. We had a really lovely evening. None of us realised the time and we crawled into bed gone midnight. Thanks to a few glasses of Champers I slept like a dream!

Saturday came and went and we went to Sovereign Hill, in Ballarat which tells the story of the gold rushes of the 1850's in the town. It's a lovely old village with lots of demonstrations and talks. I've got heaps of photo's to bore you all with!! We saw them making raspberry drop sweets, we saw them pour gold (WOW!!) we also did a ghost tour down in one of the mine's as well as sampling their homemade delicacy's - of course it would be rude not to!!!

On the way back, i was forced, FORCED i tell you by Mr Young to sample a Burger with the lot!!! I could feel my arteries clogging!! Was goooood though.

After watching the classic film Overboard we retired to bed.
Sunday 1st May - is Tom Day!!! Bring on the frivolities Mr Marshall 😊

Night all,


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