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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne May 17th 2019

I've always heard good things about Lorne. One is that it is perfect for summer thanks to its exquisite beaches. Not only that, though. I heard about the endless cultural attractions that you can visit. Well, I can tell you for free that this is all true. Think magical sunsets, long beach walks and laughing koalas. My husband and I finally planned a trip to Lorne in VIC, Australia, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The three days that we set aside for the trip allowed us to explore this natural beauty, but I wish we had more time. Here's Lorne through my eyes. First Day - Settling In The resort town of Lorne is about two hours by road from Melbourne. We drove a rental here, but you can take a public coach, especially ... read more
With Koala Bears
At the Yacht Club
Yacht Club

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne April 13th 2017

We awake to a bright but cool sunny morning, with the dew drops caressing the tips of the long autumn grass. We made cereal with powdered milk (you do get used to it) for brekky and then commenced our first pack, rigged up in my fancy cycling gear, I had to admire Colin , he is such a simple man, I say that with great respect, riding gear for Colin is shorts, Tee shirt and thongs, I asked Colin "Ain't your feet cold on this chilly morning", he replied in his usual ;laconic tone "Their too far away from my brain to worry about,". and so we begin Day 2. Bums a bit sore after a massive 112 ks yesterday, otherwise we are in pretty good shape due a lot of tough training for this epic ... read more
Jack Tilley 82
historic homestead

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne February 16th 2016

Kangaroo pie last night which was OK but a bit tough. Maybe a slower cooking required, or maybe they are a tough old breed. The weather a bit cooler today and cloudy. Quite a bit of rain overnight. First stop cafe for breakfast since hotel only does cereal and toast. OK but not the best for cyclists like us carrying out own house on our backs. Second bit of real Ozzie wildlife today when we spotted a Koala up in a tree at the roadside heading towards Kennett River. The first was a wallaby heading into the bush two days ago and Phil had one rush across the road in front if him on a fast descent yesterday, causing a bit of anxiety. The Koala was sitting in the crook of a branch of a gum ... read more
Kangaroo pie
There is always a better angle
Just holding the tree up.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne March 20th 2013

Picked up the Great Ocean Road following the twists stopping occasionally to video "Surf Coast Shire" then finally in Lorne. Lunch at Andrew's Chicken Joint - better chicken and chips Brian said, fish and chips for me. Brian managed an ice cream as well of course. Then back along the road at 15:00 and a humid 30 degrees to hit the West Gate bridge traffic around 17:30 Managed ok though. Showered and wandered round Docklands and the Yarra river side in search of a supermarket unsuccessfully. Went to bed for a 'power nap' at around 20:00.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne February 25th 2013

So today is the day that we leave to go on the beach trip in Lorne! All international students get to go and there are a bunch of peer leaders. I packed at night, so I could just wake up and go, so I grabbed my friends and went down to the bus stop. There were a few people there and pretty soon the bus came and me and Jess decided to sit together towards the front because she gets sick. We had a peer leader Edward sit in front of us. We talked to him for a while, he was really nice and Jess and Duncan were sitting on the other side of us talking to another peer leader. All of the peer advisors are there because they have all been abroad themselves and studied ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne January 3rd 2013

Hey, I'm back !! Ouahhhouuu ! Ça fait longtemps... Au moins trois ou quatre semaines... Je vais en avoir des choses à raconter après une si longue trêve... Hé bien, détrompez vous, les aventures se font un peu rare ces derniers jours. Mais avant de vous raconter le quotidien un peu trop monotone de mes journées du moment, commençons par le début, il y a de cela un bon mois. A cette époque je m'apprêtais à quitter la Tasmanie pour retourner vers Melbourne, un retour sur le « Main Land ». Franchement je m'attendais un peu à un truc de fou, le jour de l'an en Australie !! On peut le dire, dans l'idée, ça en ferait rêver plus d'un. Hé bennnn c'était carrément pas top. Vous me direz : « et le feu d'artifice alors ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne September 15th 2012

Nach einer ausgeruhten Nacht in einem schónen Hostel in Port Fairy ging es weiter nach Lorne. Doch bevor wir Fairy verlassen haben guckten wir uns noch die kleine Halbinsel ''Griffiths Island'' an. Der Wanderweg um die Insel herum war 1.5km lang und sollte ca 1 Stunde dauern. Dank unseres typisch deutschen Stechschritts haben wir die Insel aber in 45 min umlaufen...incl. kleiner Pause in der wir die surfenden Beach Boys beglotzt haben :) Dann ging es weiter: ich hinterm Steuer und Babsi als Navigator. Wieder einmal mitten durch die Pampa und dann entlang der ''Great Ocean Road''. Auf der Ocean Road lang haben wir an vielen Aussichtspunkten, incl. den 12 Aposteln, angehalten. Absolut genial! Babsi und ich waren begeistert...wunderschóne Aussicht. Generell hat Babsi wáren der ganzen Faht nur gesagt: '' Caro, Caro guckt doch mal das ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne February 6th 2012

Geo: -38.5424, 143.976Day two in Melbourne and straight in to the swing of things by doing a day trip down The Great Ocean Road to The Twelve Apostles. We arrived in to Melbourne early to a hot 35 degree day, a reminder of what I have missed over the last few years. It was definitely a shock to Anna, especially driving in a car with no working air conditioner.We caught up with Fernando, a friend of Anna's from Surrey University, for lunch and in no time we had organized a day trip down the Great Ocean Road.Our fine lodging was in Croyden at one of my best mates place, but at considerable distance to where most of the action is, although there are benefits to being out that way too.The following morning we picked up Fernando ... read more
Twelve Apostles
Bells Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne September 29th 2011

Today was our second last ride. 45km from Apollo Bay to Lorne. It was an overcast day with light drizzle for most of the ride. This coast is spectacularly beautiful. It is (in the opinion of our international cyclist) the best ride in the world! The road follows the ocean, meandering between mountain and sea, and is gently undulating. The views were simply outstanding. This ride was physically less demanding than our other days, and we completed the 45k in just over 2 hours - no doubt due to our ever increasing fitness and stamina. We visited the Erskine Falls this arvo, in the rain. Check out the photos to fully understand how remarkable this natural wonder is. Greg took loads of photos and Annette was his creative director (lovely assistant). We got overtaken by 2 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne January 6th 2011

Have been requested by three ppl to blog along some more! Well if I'd known I'd have written something by now and due to my utter exhaustion I can't go back more than two days! so here I go! Yesterday was rather delightful! We went to Lorne! It's a beautiful beachy area! Amazing but over two hour drive! So after being forced (what will I do jump out of the car?) to listen to my cousins alternative music (Is alternative for a reason!! Lol jks juju) we finally get there! And u know what the first thing we did was? Beachside shopping! U know what I bought? U would really really never guess! A deep fried marsbar! Sounds disgusting right? Repulsive maybe? WRONG !!! It was all goey and melty and gahhhhhh (dribbling in my mind)! ... read more

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