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February 15th 2013
Published: February 15th 2013
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Hey guys!

I’m terribly sorry for not blogging in so long, school has been tiring! In the last little while I've done so much, I've met so many new people and have made really good friends. On that note I'll recap my last few days.

Monday - 4th

Monday was my first real school day at Trinity Grammar School. Both nervous and excited, but the day was actually really fun! I followed Tom around during those classes but since it was the first day many of the classes were just introductions for the courses. I was starting to make some friends though which made the transition much easier. After school, Tom had a good load of homework to accomplish for the next day so as he busily completed his work Kepas took me to the neighbors house. He is extremely close with the neighbor, Vlado, whose family is very eccentric. We were over there for nearly 3 hours discussing current events brashly.

Tuesday - 5th

Second day at school, twice the fun! I went to some of Nathan's classes that day, the other Australian exchange, and they are very different to Tom's. Tom takes: Business Management, Legal Studies, Economics, Accounting, Human Kinetics and English whereas Nathan takes: the second most challenging year 12 maths course, the most challenging year 11 maths course, Physics, Economics, Information Technology and English. I am more suited to his classes ergo since Tuesday I have been going to Nathan's classes. After school, Kepas took me to see the flying foxes! They are basically large bats indigenous to the area; it's the largest colony of them in all of Victoria, just 10 minutes from the downtown core!

Wednesday - 6th

More school, more fun! Nathan's classes are actually really interesting, especially physics. In the class they are studying Nuclear Physics, which is one of my favorite scientific fields; I even help Nathan with his homework! My favorite parts of the day are just socializing with the people; it's really great meeting all of the new people. After school, Tom had work, so again Kepas took me on a tour of the area. This time we took a drive around the downtown core and the Botanical Gardens. Coincidentally we managed to drive by all of the elite car dealerships and they housed some very exotic vehicles. We passed Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Audi, Maserati and Ferrari. We also explored Collins Street which is equivalent to Robson Street in Vancouver only the shops are more expensive and only elite fashions houses such as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Emporio Armani are present. We did not buy anything.

Thursday - 7th

The more Devon and I explore the school the more we love it. Compared to Southridge, Trinity is massive. I have never walked so much in one school day! Some classes are 5 minute walks away from each other. The new library is bigger then the entire Southridge Senior School. The new library is filled to the brim with books, couches, classrooms; it even has a coffee shop. The contemporary styling coupled with the comfortable furnishings makes this a perfect place for studying and socializing amongst other things. After school, Tom, Nathan, Devon, Sam, Sophie and I went to Starbucks, before a night of studying for Tom and relaxing for me.

Friday - 8th

The first week of school already finished! Where does the time go? The teachers at Trinity are very similar to those at Southridge. Although the atmosphere is more strict and structured the knowledge of the teachers is superfluous. The people here are also making my stay as comfortable as possible. Everyone at Trinity is so welcoming and friendly!

After school Tom had to work again so Tom’s parents took me on another tour of the city, what we now call “Tomless Tours.” First we took a drive on the Grand Prix track then drove down to Southgate. Luckily, we found a prime parking spot and started to walk down the bustling promenade along the Yarra River. The Lindt-Lindor Chocolate Shop caught our eye; I had a dark chocolate éclair and one of the best chai latte’s I’ve ever had; other than Wood’n Frog back home. After watching a few street performers we headed home.

Saturday - 9th

What a fun day Saturday was! After Saturday morning sport Tom and I met the other two girl Canadian exchanges at Luna Park. The six of us had such a blast! We went on almost all of the rides; it was really cool hanging with people from home! We went on the Scenic Railway, the Pirate Ship, G-Force, the junior coaster, the scissors and the haunted train. Shout out to Sam and Kaity for Canadian pride. Promptly after Luna Park Tom had a basketball game, Tom’s team was slightly better than the other team and walked away with a victory. Nathan, Devon and Tom’s friend Peter slept overnight on Saturday. It was a night filled with intense table tennis matches and board games.

Sunday - 10th

Sunday was a relaxing day of solitude and simplicity. Tom had work until 5:00pm that day and the others were out so I just did as my heart desired. Mainly playing video games and eating. We went out for burgers at Grill’d for dinner. Tom went to church after dinner; I had an early night before Resilience Day.

Monday - 11th

Monday was Resilience Day. A day just for the year 11’s, it took place at Trinity’s sporting grounds in Bulleen just 10 minutes away from the academic facility. Tom wasn’t feeling well that day so I tagged along with Nathan and Devon. The day was mainly team building games and exercises focused on camaraderie and leadership. I really enjoyed Monday and built up and made some new friendships. When I got home I was exhausted and swiftly went to sleep.

Tuesday - 12th

Week 2, day 1, school is only getting more interesting for me. Classes have picked up into full swing. The homework load is massive compared to Southridge; at least Tom’s work is compared to mine. After school we went to Starbucks with the group and socialized about the day before heading home. Tom had more homework so I did my own thing as he studied away.

Wednesday - 13th

Yet another day at the community of Trinity, the school is really interesting. It wasn’t too eventful but the classes were fun. After school Kepas took me golfing at Green Acres for a 9 and dine. The course was in great condition and had just enough challenge to make it fun. I played terribly but I enjoyed myself and didn’t think about the score. For dinner we were given a porterhouse steak that I ate with gusto.

Thursday - 14th

The first day we went to the Chapel at school. Although I am not very religious it was interesting seeing and being in the church during the service. Other than that my day wasn’t too exciting. Tom had to work after school so I was working on math and writing my blog.

Friday – 15th

And now we are at the present. Sorry again for making you wait so long for another blog entry. Today I took a Physics test with the class and it was quite easy, although I did it without a periodic table and without notes. Later today Kepas is taking me to the Melbourne Art Gallery. Tomorrow I think I will be going to Chapel Street for shopping and on Sunday I have a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and a get together with some friends. I swear I will post more often from now on. I’ll try to post every second day or so.

Thanks so much for reading,



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