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April 13th 2011
Published: April 13th 2011
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Glorious Grampians
The journey began yesterday, 12th April 2011, with my solo adventure around Australia. I left home with my Mum waving me off as I tried very unsuccessfully not to cry, and as I drove up my street, I wondered what the hell I was doing. My road trip started with major detours, road works and getting a little lost along the way on an 8hour drive South East of Adelaide, yet despite these very minor setbacks, I found myself camped under a picturesque mountain in the Grampians. Never mind the cold conditions and constant drizzle, I found that I was relieved to be here. And when I say 'here' I don't just mean here in Victoria, but here on this trip. With fatigue peaking after a long drive of interruptions, I noticed that I didn't get too rattled along the way, as I had a generous supply of cupcakes to keep me nourished and I also noticed that eating cupcakes prevents me from ever feeling sad or upset really.
After a restful sleep last night that was only briefly interrupted as Iris (the bus) was rattled vigourously by an intruder...animal I assume, but who knows, and at 2.34am, who cares, I was just happy that for the first time in a long time I had found myself asleep before 9.30pm which enabled me to rise this morning with new found energy.
My day started slowly with nothing of interest to report, and then increased to what I am sure is a general level of interest...I climbed a mountain. I always thought I would start this trip by climbing a mountain, and damn it, that's exactly what I did today. Again, despite constant drizzle and the occasional sun-shower, I took a 2.5 hour hike from Halls gap to Fyans Creek walking track and then up some mountain that I am sure has a name, not one I remember, and of course I didn't take my camera so theres no proof that I even did any of this, but trust me, I did...and it was lovely. Fresh air and the smell of wet trees and grass made it all worthwhile, even if I did slip and fall on my arse, but like a trooper I picked myself up and kept walking despite embarrasment as other hikers passed me by. It's times like these I wish I had a friend with me to laugh at me...with me.
The afternoon went by as uneventfully as the morning did, but the evening was slightly more entertaining. I went over the road to the local take away shop that sells everything that will clogg your arteries and shorten your lifespan, and I enjoyed their hot chips, which I had last night too (I am such a boring creature of habit...that's why I do crazy things like pack my life and leave for the unknown) I came back to my site, put a chair outside Iris, cracked a beer (which I purshased from the most expensive bottlo on the planet) opened the page to one of many books I am reading, and took in the granduer of the mountains as I ate the best hot chips ever. After 20 minutes, the site next to me gradually filled with a group of hippy's and their kids. I'm certain one of them had A.D.H.D, but never fear, the sounds of the recorder and a guiter being played by a woman in fishermans pants, intermittently screaming at her child 'Fizz' to stop running up to me and yelling in my ear, calmed us all...hmmm, maybe not. Thankfully it started to rain again and I headed in, preventing me from looking too rude, although the scrunching up of my face and intense stares at Fizz, I'm sure were a giveaway of my level of enthusiasm for his energy.
What the rest of the evening has in stall for me, who knows, but I am sure it will be restful.


13th April 2011

Great Expectations
Lisa, I joined the Travel Blog and then I did a search on your name and found your Blog. It sounds like a great start to a new adventure - climbing the hills in the Grampians can lead to some breathtaking scenery - I guess the hot chips are a reward for all the calories burned up in the hiking! I sounds like Iris is going to be reliable and safe with a lockable door or two to keep the 'drop bears' out of the cabin (Koala's) It will be great when you add some pics to the travel blog - remember that family want to see you in the pictures so buy a small tripod at a 'cheap as chips' or similar and put it on a fencepost and use the delay on the camera set for 5 or 10 seconds to get the picture with some scenery in the background. If you can't find the delay setting ask someone else who is using a camera to show you. Good luck with your journey and stay in touch. Best wishes Nick
13th April 2011

Sounds wonderful. Not sure about the cupcakes though!!
13th April 2011

So its Iris then?
Lisa!!!!!!!!!!! I had forgotten, or never really knew what your bus was going to be called. I knew it would have a name, due to 'Lisa's car naming tradition'. At the Grampians already - wow. And well done on the blog. Ha haha, never thought id see the day. Looking forward to your arrival in airlie if you decide to drop by ;) xxx Hayles
15th April 2011

whaddaya mean cupcakes!!!!
Hi Love!!! well congratulations to you! I can just imagine your face pulling at Fizz, ha ha, just remember to breathe and be nice. I look forward to seeing you in the near future. xxx did you hear Abby and Lad are engaged?? xxxx

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