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May 19th 2013
Published: May 20th 2013
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We woke up to our first sight of sunshine and blue skies in 5 days this morning, we thought we might have slipped through some sort of interdimensial time warp worm hole. The forecast was for another storm front to arrive that night, so we decided to make the most of it and go for a ride.

The southern Grampians Regions beckoned. We got dressed, got bikes ready, Gail was at the front gate while Eoin put his gloves on and thats when everything came to a halt. Heidi was upset with the constant rain, cold and not having been started for a few days. Gail returned and the leads were connected, and after Henry jumped Heidi, the ride commenced again.

We rode to Heywood, it was so nice riding in sunshine along curvy roads next to green pastures and trees, we thought we were in heaven. A great coffee and sandwich was had, the next stop was to Casterton along even smaller backroads through Digby and Merino. Although Merino had its own golf course, with sheep all over it.

Gail needed to refuel at Casterton, but unfortunately the garage was closed on Sundays. The lady at the info centre informed us that the milk bar sold petrol, but we decided against this. We continued to Coleraine, about 30kms along and as our luck would have it, the garage was closed. It did however, have a card reader installed, like an atm but you get petrol instead of cash. We have been reluctant to use these before, but this tim e we didn't have any choice.

We couldn't help but to continue to compare the great contrast from Victoria to South Australia, and Victoria wins hands over fist. Coming back in to Hamilton we stopped and took some photographs of "The Big Wool Bales", not widely advertised, but the town thought it needed the biggest of something.

The weather forecast has been correct and a storm front hit during the night and is expected to rain for another few days.


20th May 2013

Was it the SUN
We could do with some of your rain out here! Haven't had any for months. We are all as dry as a dead dingo's ...... !
20th May 2013

Make hay while the sun shines.
I love the inventiveness of small aussie towns in creating unique attractions. But I think the biggest theme has probably run its race. Hope the weather picks up for you. It must be getting cold down there now. We are off to Normanton on the gulf via the Savannah Way today. We have left all our travelling companions and flying solo now.
22nd May 2013

The biggest
I love the way small country towns market themselves. But I think the whole biggest theme is getting a bit tired. The riding sounds great and the weather fine, at least for a while. You guys seem to have been out for a long time, how much time do you have left? We are halfway across to the gulf. No cold weather here. Stay safe.

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