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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap July 5th 2016

Geo: -37.1414, 142.519Flyturen til Australia – Melbourne tok ca. 8 timer. Det var nattflyging og ingen av oss sov et sekund. Vi fløy A380 – verdens største passasjerfly. Gedigne greier. Landet i Melbourne tidlig morgen og sto 1 time i passkontroll. Hentet leiebilen og kjørte avgårde. Her er det venstrekjøring. Været var REGN og 7-8 grader. Fra ekstrem varme til surt høstvær. Vi surra litt til å begynne med, men Helges innebygde GPS i hjernen fungerte igjen og vi kom oss på rett vei. Vanskelige kjøreforhold da det regna og ganske mye tungtransport på veien. Landskapet langs veien er mye grønne heier og skog. Fareskilt for kenguru er det overalt. De har visstnok ikke trafikkvett og hopper bare rett ut i veien. Det går med ganske mange kenguruliv i trafikken pr dag. Vi s&ar... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap April 11th 2015

Halls Gap in the very heart of the Grampions and recognised the world over as a great place to base yourself whilst exploring the area.Only a small town with tourists adding greatly to the local revenue, it has all that is required for visitors and locals alike. Forestry and some agriculture are the mainstay for the local population which number just 700 people.Nestled at the foot of the Wonderland and MT William Ranges the town is within easy walking distance to some wonderful scenic tracks.Drive a little way out of town and you are in high country with stunning walks and cascading waterfalls. A drive up to the Mackenzie Falls reaches a car park where a short walk takes you to the viewing platform overlooking these majestic falls which are Victoria's largest and probably the most ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap May 17th 2013

After leaving Warrambool, set my GPS for Halls Gap, decided to take the fastest route as it was going to be a two hour drive. Well it was an incredibly straight road, so I couldn't grumble about that and it obviously ran parallel to the main road but the surface!!!! Was awful in places and at times it went down to one lane of bumpy, rough tarmac. The good thing was I think I was the only person on this road!!! Eventually got to the Grampians and Halls Gap the weather was awful just torrential rain so I decided to head for the Motel in the end and try again tomorrow. Tomorrow came and hurray it was dry, still cloudy and grey but dry. Took the Horsham road up into the mountains to look for Mackenzie ... read more
Mackenzie Falls
Look out in The Grampians, Oz

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap March 20th 2013

Den gesamten Fahrtag über regnet es Bindfäden, und erst als wir gegen 15 Uhr an den Toren des Grampians Nationalpark ankommen, klart es etwas auf, sodass wir an der Visitor Information zum ersten Mal trockenen Fusses den Camper verlassen können. Okay trocken ist es jetzt.Aber verdammt kalt ist es auch. Wir sind im Hochland angekommen. Die Grampians bilden das westliche Ende der Great Dividing Range und erheben sich ziemlich unvermittelt aus der sonst flachen Ebene Victorias. Es gibt ein paar tolle Wanderwege, die wir gerne machen würden, aber dazu wäre natürlich Sonnenschein ganz nett.Optimistisch wie wir sind, holen wir uns also im Park eine Camping-Permit für 2 Nächte, und suchen uns einen schönen Stellplatz im Süden des Parks. Der Campground ist ziemlich einfach und so wird zum ersten Mal der Campingkocher angeworfen. dabei stellen wir l ... read more
Wanderung in der Wonderland Range
Mitten in der Wonderland Range

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap May 20th 2012

Geo: -37.1414, 142.519We had a sleep in this morning because it was too cold to get up. While packing we were distracted by the birds. Just like every other morning they were outside making a racket. We went outside and feed them the remainder of the the bird food. We feed the Eastern Rosellas, Corellas, Cockatoos and a pair of Kookaburras. Nearby there were many emus, wallabies and kangaroos. We finished packing and drove through the tiny town of Hall's Gap for the last time - but not without stopping for a last award winning custard slice. We stopped to buy brunch from the bakery and a copy of the Sunday Herald Sun - my favourite newspaper that I have been missing for years.We were still excited by the sight of wallabies, kangaroos and emus in ... read more
02 Scratching
03 Feeding
04 Feeding

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap May 19th 2012

Geo: -37.1414, 142.519This morning we had a bit of a sleep-in as we have planned to have a relaxing day. Although we were still woken up early by the noisy birds who wanted to be fed. We got up at about 8, layered up and went outside to feed the birds. Like yesterday, there were a variety of birds waiting outside our cabin to be fed. We gave them a little bit of food and then made our breakfast. Just before 9am we left our cabin and drove the very short distance to the Brambuk Centre. From here we did a loop walk that went along Fyan's Creek. We saw so much wildlife - kangaroos, wallabies, emus and kookaburras. It was a slow walk and we stopped to take so many photos and enjoyed the close ... read more
02 Feeding
03 Kookaburra
04 On my Shoulder

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap May 18th 2012

Geo: -37.1414, 142.519It wasn't easy to sleep-in this morning, as outside the cabin the native birds were making a racket. We decided to get up and feed them. It was just after 7am and the sun had just risen, but it was still cold, so I layered up. We hand fed them and also threw food on the ground. A brave cockatoo sat on my shoulder in the hope of getting more food than the others. I was glad that I was wearing my jacket, otherwise I would have a few decent scratches. I was more comfortable with the rosella perched on my back than the larger birds. We spent about ten minutes feeding the very greedy birds and it was fun. There were Cockatoos, Corellas and Eastern Rosellas. We went back into the cabin and ... read more
02 Cabin
03 Cabin
04 Bird on my Shoulder

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap October 3rd 2011

We are actually in Victor harbour, not sure why blog wants to have me in Normanville ! Anyway, has a nice ring really doesn't it, 7, 9, good were they and how great it is to beat Collingwood in a Grand Final. Too Old, Too Slow that is what they all said at the beginning of the season, but in the end they were Too Good ! So we are under way. Leaving Woodend on the Sunday after the GF we are being accompanied by very good long time friends Neil and Faye Gronow, basically because they wanted to see us over the border and gone ! 'Absolutely' says Neil sitting beside me having the second of his morning coffees! We headed off up the Calder past Kyneton which was an emotional moment for both ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap March 24th 2011

Paul was drawn to the Grampians because of its reputation as a climbing mecca. A beautiful range of mountains, covered in forests, with rocks just demanding to be climbed, and glistening in the sunshine (yes, we had the most amazing weather for our Grampian days - yippee!) Just like many areas of Australia though, the Grampians have been seriously affected by the very changeable weather patterns of late. In January this year, quite unexpectedly, heavy rains caused flooding and landslides which damaged a lot of the roads, climbing routes, and hiking trails. We did however manage to find a lovely remote spot to camp, where we were pretty much by ourselves. Close by were some great boulders which kept Paul happy for an afternoon, but unfortunately for him that, plus his morning at Mt Arapiles, was ... read more
b3 Paul teaches the boys Black Bitch
b4 Oliver pre-haircut
b5 Oliver gets his hair cut

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Halls Gap October 26th 2010

The excitement today was an incredible hike in the Grampions National Forest to a place called the Pinnacle. It is a steady climb of 280 m over a distance of 2 km, but fortunately the weather was great - sunny and about 12 to 15C. The local area has "old" hills, with lots of errosion on the rock, so the views and terrain are incredibly interseting to walk through. Rock formations are similar to the Alberta badlands, or Arizona, but on a smaller scale. The starting point for the hike is a parking lot which you get to by driving up a steep winding mountain road, about 1 km west of Halls Gap. We hiked/climbed through a steep ascent portion called the Grand Canyon, and another small gorge called Silent Street. The trail in these areas ... read more
Student Climbers
Halls Gap Below
Ann Trying for Liftoff

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