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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » French Island February 20th 2020

GOR Day 16. French Island Out into the blustery cold went the Draughty Dozen to be transported to the heaven (to some)that is French Island on the morning ferry. Eventually we found the Eco Lodge and left our panniers before venturing out into the wash board dirt roads. The island store reminded me of a shearing shed but produced some good sandwiches and proper coffee as well as being the island 𝑃𝑜𝑠𝑡 Office. I imagine a life saver utility on such a remote/barren island just 3 km from the mainland with no services provided. They all have to generate their own electricity, find water and create their own water disposal systems. The roads are something else. Soft sand throws you on the bike, the washboard rattles your teeth and the puddles are a swimming bath in ... read more
THE Post Office .

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » French Island February 24th 2016

Sorrento and French Island Our injured rider came back from hospital last night just as we arrived at the Sorrento Beach Motel after our Itslian dinner. The dinner price was OK but the wine was $54 and $40 per bottle - extortion. As we approached the motel in darkness we saw the bus which had gone off its route to drop off Sugan and Joanne. What a great driver and he made no charge. Sugan was walking very badly with assistance and still unsteady and in pain, though with full memory again. The following day she was still unsteady and so we arranged a taxi to take her to Stony Point whilst we rode into Rye to buy her a new helmet. On to Balnarring for lunch and then to Stony Point to meet Sugan and ... read more
Koala company
Huntsman doing a huntin'
Wooden cash register

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » French Island January 28th 2009

We were so lucky to have seen the Australian Open last week. This week a record heat wave is setting in. The newscasters said it was going to be hotter than it had been for a hundred years. We just left French Island and are headed for Cairns tonight. On French Island we stayed on an Eco-Farm, which has vegetables, cows and sheep on it. Also a lot of koalas. Just outside the former prison room, cell number 18, where we were staying was a mother and baby. We got close to take pictures and the baby came towards us just being friendly but we didn't think it would be good to have a baby koala running up our pantlegs so we ran away from it. Not far. They do move around. The island is part ... read more
Beach and Mud Flat
Beach Combing
young shark washed up beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » French Island December 5th 2006

Hoi allemaal, Weer tijd voor de volgende update.... de drukke periode zoals aangegeven in de voorgaande blog is dus aangebroken, we zitten er midden in zeg maar!! Maar om maar met het eerste echt goede nieuws te beginnen: de borg van ons vorige appartement is teruggestort! Eindelijk dus na veel gedoe is het allemaal rondgekomen. Nu moeten we alleen nog wel ff wachten op de $300 die we tegoed hebben van de makelaar voor de aansluiting van de telefoon..... aangezien we een nieuw apartement hebben betrokken, was er nog geen telefoon-aansluiting. Om die te laten aanleggen betaal je een bedrag van $300. We hadden dit aangegeven bij de makelaar, die het op hun beurt weer had besproken met de landlord die aangaf voor die kosten te willen opdraaien. Prima dus... wij dus een week of 2 ... read more
Yvonne en Jacq en ik
Warratah Bay
Warratah Bay

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