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November 2nd 2017
Published: November 2nd 2017
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Well, well ,well. Some may say, 3 deep holes filled with water. But I use it as a prelude to the start of our epic trip to Australia and New Zealand. The morning of our flight I get a phone call from my bank saying that my bank card from our joint account had been used in Belgium the night before to buy a flight for $220! Luckily for me the fraud department of Lloyd’s stopped it from coming out of my account, but they had to cancel my card and send me another one in 5 days time, while I am in Melbourne. Then I find out that the chap selling me a new watch strap for my fitness watch actually did not send it after all, so I had to ring TomTom in Holland to order one from them.

We got to Heathrow in good time going from Ely to Kingscross then onwards to the airport via the Piccadilly line. Thanks to my mate Eddie for hooking me up with a deal for airport lounges. We then spent a few hours in a nice comfy lounge with unlimited food and drink for £15 each.

No free upgrades on the plane to Singapore but we had exit seats on an Airbus 380 anyway, so we had plenty of room and since I told them I was a paramedic and would gladly be of assistance if needed the crew would keep giving us bottles of water and just chat. We both managed a movie and a decent sleep. We had 3 hrs in Singapore and that was a nice quiet airport at that time of day. Again we had good seats on a 777 and another movie and short nap.

We arrived at Melbourne at 0720hrs on Thursday the 2nd November to light rain and mist. Going through passport control was a breeze. It’s all automated. Fantastic. While we were waiting at the baggage I hear a bing bong, will Mr Gosnell please make his way to the baggage desk. That’s when we get the bad of our bags is missing. Poor ol’ Alex’s case has not been transferred and it is still in Singapore. It will arrive in Melbourne on tomorrow’s flight and they will deliver it to the place that we are staying at. On the plus side they gave Alex $150 AUS to buy some new clothes for tonight.

On the way to the apartment we drove the hire car on the M1 motorway where there are signs for a toll but no where to pay. I guess it’s a bit like the Dart charge on the M25 but there are no signs on how to pay!!!! I asked a couple of cops and you have to do it by phone or computer. More hassle.

We did some shopping for clothes and food and I am desperately trying to stay awake for a bit longer. At present it’s 15:47.

That’s all for now folks,

Pete & Alex


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