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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Corryong July 18th 2012

We woke up to clear blue skies in Canberra and drove of towards the Snowy Mountains. Because we had not managed to get snow chains and the weather report forecasted possible snow we took the safe option to travel north around the snow area. We stopped for some coffee and fruit at the Dog-on-the-Tucker-Box roadhouse. Just after that we turned of the Hume Highway towards Tumbarumba and drove on small mountain roads all the way to Corryong. There we check in to the Mountain View Motel and took a walk into Corryong. First we went by the Klippel family (where I lived) house and saw Val (mother). She looked very frail and she told us her memory was bad. She did not recognise me although she was very friendly. From there we walked back to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Corryong October 30th 2011

On Friday 28th October we prepared to hit the road again after a very pleasant few days staying in Yass. Unusually, we couldn’t agree on where our next destination would be. I wanted to head for the town of Tumut from where I thought we could access the Kosciuszko National Park. Graham had studied the map a little more closely and felt that Tumut was in the wrong general direction. A better approach would be from the Victoria side of the mountain range, but that required a much longer journey today. Tumut was just 120 kilometers away but I had to concede that the contours on the map suggested that getting beyond Tumut and within a reasonable distance of the top of the mountains would be a bit of an ordeal, especially with the caravan. Even ... read more
Lovely old building in the town
The Swinging Bridge in Adelong (it didn't feel too safe!)
We passed acres of fruit trees

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Corryong January 9th 2009

English I had promised to give you an update on Thursday's results. So here they are: Steven Crosby won the day, followed by Shane Duncan and Rohan Holtkamp. In the Floater class, Alan Bond won the day, followed by Rob Larkin and Brad Elliot. I came ninth that day. On Friday, we flew the same task as on Thursday. Open class to Greg Greg, Cudgewa, and Corryong airstrip, Floater class to Towong and Corryong airstrip. Conditions were a lot different from the preceding days. We had a very light wind at launch that did not pick up like the days before. Nobody really wanted to launch early. But we had a famous „wind tech“ that day: Olli Barthelmes (for those of you who don't know him: He's on the German National Team and he was World ... read more
More gliders at launch
My Sting

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Corryong January 8th 2009

I'll just give you a short update on day 5. We don't have results yet. Yesterday's Floater task went to Towong and then to Corryong airstrip, about 18 kilometres altogether. The Open class went to Greg Greg, Cudgewa, and goal was at Corryong airstrip as well (about 40 kilometres). Launch conditions were a lot better than the days before, but the air was still very rough. It took me a while to get up, and at 1,000 metres above launch I went on glide towards the turnpoint. I could not find any lift, although I flew along the ridge where I thought I could find something. I made the turnpoint, but still could not find any lift. So I had to land about 10 kilometres from goal. And I did a very nice landing this time. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Corryong January 7th 2009

English For Wednesday, pretty strong winds were predicted already. Some pilots didn’t even show up on launch. The “early birds” still got off alright, then the wind started picking up. Launch was closed, then it was decided to stop the task. It was a good decision that everybody was happy with. Pilots in the air reported windspeeds around 50 km/h and very rough air. The wind was so strong that the keel of a glider that was sitting on launch broke, just because of the pressure of the wind on the sail. I hurried to pack up my glider. When I arrived back in Corryong, I was completely covered in dust and needed a swim in the river first. That was quite nice as you can just float down the river. The rest of the day, ... read more
Strong wind
My team

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Corryong January 6th 2009

I had already written that we had pretty strong conditions on Monday. The wind was very strong, and takeoffs were challenging. But everybody did very well. In the early afternoon, launch even had to be closed for one hour. The task for the Open class was a 71.8 km flight from Mount Elliot to Tooma, Cudgewa North and Colac Colac. Goal was in Corryong. As conditions were really difficult, only four pilots made it to goal. Shane Duncan won the day, Steven Crosby came second, followed by Don Gardner. Rohan Holtkamp, who flies a kingpost glider, flew for five hours before he finally made it to goal - with an average speed of 13 km/h. The Floater task was a 12.4 km flight from Mount Elliot to Khancoban airstrip. Two pilots, Greg Stroot (first) and Gregor ... read more
Morning briefing
View towards Towong

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