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December 30th 2019
Published: March 24th 2020
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After much discussion and looksees around the river, driving with brother Ron, we decided to take up niece Stephanie's suggestion of Little Toms Beach at Cobram. a proverbial stones throw from town. We drove through some dry dusty tracks through a river gum forest along the river until we came to Little Toms Beach. An idyllic classic Murray River setting nestled among towering river gums and dry scrubby bushland, with a sandy beach right at our door step. We found a safe level camp, free from large overhanging river gumtree branches but still catching some afternoon shade. We would be camping here for quite a few days, so we set up our full annexe to give us an extra room for some 5 star river camping. Once our camp was setup, we took a stroll around the forest and spotted some koalas checking out the new arrivals, so good to see the little cuddlies in the wild. A lot of locals have permanent camps along the river bank, late arvo a ute rocked up to check on his camp about 50 metres from our camp. Country people are generally laid back and also curious about tommy touro entering their backyard river playground. So up rocks Nick, firm handshake, big grin, amiable conversation, usual topics weather, where are you people from etc. Next day another dude rocks up to check on his caravan parked 200 metres riverside, Checking the side of his car, the words "Hiss Off", was advertised on the side of his car. Little Flower and I were having a mid morning coffee and canapes on the beach, when I spotted a black dog running in and out of the river up on the bend, and then we spotted Stephanie walking up to greet us, with same dog in tow. Obligingly I poured another coffee and pulled up another chair, for a riverside chat. Stephanie informed us that "Hiss Off" man is the local snake catcher man, with an interesting business model. He charges $150 for a snake callout, money is paid whether snake is captured or not. I humouredly replied that if I ever had to call "Hiss Off" man that I would want good "Fang" for my buck. Rumour has it that he plants snakes around the neighbourhood sits back and waits for the call. or Maybe not.

On Tuesday night Stephanie picked us up and offered to share "Shrove Tuesday" at her local Anglican church. For those not in the know like us, Pancakes are served on Shrove Tuesday, followed by Lent on Ash Wednesday. Ronnie was working in the area and rocked up for dinner on Wednesday night, brandishing a few coldies. We had a really good catchup chat, as I hadn't seen brother ron for some time. pleasant chat around the camp table, he brought me some campside reading, the life story of Henry Winkler A.K.A the "Fonz", quite appropriate because these wonderful days camped by the mighty Murray, certainly were " Happy Days".

Little flower and Morningbird love to be set up in quiet bush camps for a few days, sit back and relax fine dining and wining, put our feet up and just watch the world go by in the slow lane of life. Then one day Johnny jet Skier comes hooning around the bend disturbing our blissful peace, I shake my fist and curse lots, but still up and down the river he goes, no respect for nature, I am sure he wouldn't like it if Fish hooned around his neighbourhood disturbing his plebeonic world.

However overall it has been a wonderful few days camping in the bush by the river after a week on the road, its now the long weekend and too many Tommy Touros are driving in to set up camp by the river, that would be our cue to pack up and head back to Ronny and Roxy's for a big weekend of fun.

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