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April 17th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012
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It has been ages since my last blog. Sorry everyone, but you know I’ve been busy doing annoying bush walks with my dad. Ballarat was great. We went to Soviegren Hill. I loved it there. We went to an old fashioned lolly store. We bought some red hard boiled lollies. They were delicious. Went got tickets to go on a horse carriage. When it pulled up it was very high. We had to jump on. It was very bumpy. We went to watch on how to make gold. James and I were called down to touch the gold. It was very precious. The bar was worth $150,000. Mum and dad wouldn’t let James go down incase he put his hand in the fire or something else that James might do. At the end I got to hold the Gold (I was the only one who was allowed. The man waited till the end so James could have a turn too. He was realllly nice. He told us to watch the red coat show that it was really good. It was terrible. We saw the Chinese temple, panned for gold, but best of all we went to a candle making shop. I got to make one. I chose a bumpy one and. Then you have dip the candle half way up into different colours. That night we met Julie’s brother Adrian and his girlfriend for dinner. On the way into the pub James had a moment. He sunk this old guys pool ball. The whole pub went silent. The man started to get really cranky. Dad came to the rescue and offered to buy the man a drink and a new game. Dinner with Adrian was great. He is really nice. He is just like Julie.

Next stop Mildura. I was sooooo excited because I was going to see Granny and John Movie. I was counting down and the night before I couldn’t sleep. We picked them up from the airport and we all stayed in a motel. It was John movie’s Birthday. We had a cake and used the candle I made. We had a lovely night. The next morning we went to pick up our house boat. IT WAS THE BEST. We had so much fun. Dad drove the boat. We had a little boat on the back and we jumped off the back of the house boat into the Murray. The current was really fast. Lucky we had life jackets on. It was sooo fun. Every morning James and I woke up early and hopped into bed with Granny and John. Granny sang with us and made us laugh. John movie taught me his breathing exercises. We had such a good time we didn’t want to get off the boat.

I had been looking forward to going to Broken Hill the whole trip because I love gem stones and I want to be a geologist when I grow up. Granny and John came with us. We went on some mine tours. They were ok. We went to an old town called Silverton. They film lots of movies there. I met some kids at the caravan park. We played every day. The next day we had to drop Granny and John off to the train station. Everyone was really sad, especially mum. WE had a lovely time with them and we know we will see them again soon.

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