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February 20th 2012
Published: February 20th 2012
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We finally made it to a new state Victoria!!!! We have had a great time in Lakes Entrance. It is a really big town with soooo many caravan parks. We can't believe how many there are. It has a really great bike track that goes all around the town by the lake and beaches.

We went on a fishing charter. It was great. I caught my first big whiting. Dad caught 1 fish and mum caught 4. We could only keep one fish because they were too small. The other great thing about Lakes Entrance is I made some great new friends there. Their names are Bryce and Tommy. They are from Adelaide. They have been travelling for 9 months already. They have seen some excellent things. James and I played with the boys and mum went for a surf with their mum. We all had dinner together. Best of all they showed me how to get on Moshi Monsters. I love it. If you are on it, message me your username and I will find you and you can be my friend on it.

I have been enjoying school. I did a powerpoint on the hairy nosed wombat. I got an award for it from my lovely teacher.

The next day we were going through Bairnsdale when disaster struck! Curses!! The We heard a bumping noise. Mum and dad thought it was a flat tyre but it wasn't. It was a drive shaft. Luckily there was a VW shop here. They could fix it but they can't get the part till Monday. It is reallly expensive too. That means we have to stay here. We were reallly lucky. The man said if it had of broken it could have flipped our car. We are having a great time. We saw a movie called Hugo. It was the best!!! Mum and dad loved it too. We went to a music festival and went to the Bucchan Caves. They were soooo coool. Better than Jenolan Caves too.

WE have been bike ridding, playing with other kids in the park, going out for dinner. Dad even found a beer brewery near the music festival. Everyone in this town are so friendly. The car people let us borrow a car to take our caravan to the caravan park and everything. I am going for a swim now


Billy Flynn

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20th February 2012

I have been holidaying in Lakes Entrance, Billy. Did you know I was born in Victoria? We went there for one of our summer holidays. I would love to see your powerpoint on the hairy nosed wombat some day. Say hello to James and mum and dad from the Rudds.
20th February 2012

Hi Billy. I have enjoyed reading your latest posts and seeing the photos. I went to Lakes Entrance when I was a little girl. Did you know I was born in Victoria? We went there for a summer holiday many, many years ago. I remember the sea breeze and the friendly people. I would love to see your powerpoint on the hairy nosed wombat some day. Say hello to James and Mum and Dad too. xx
20th February 2012

hello Al
I'm so glad you have been here. How are Nicholas and Bianca? Are they on Moshi Monsters? Ir they are can they tell me their names?? I hope you can see us in WA. It will be fun. XXXX Billy

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