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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay February 12th 2015

Any ideas what to put on my flag other than Barmy army Virgin !... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay April 26th 2014

Hi everyone. We have moved on again and are now at Kennett River between Apollo Bay and Lorne and have started our journey along the Great Ocean Road. Kennett River was recommended to us by some fellow travellers we met a couple of weeks ago and I must say we are not disappointed. As you will see by the photos, you can get up close and personal with the wildlife like never before. I.e. There are all sorts of wild parrots and koalas everywhere including in the caravan park which backs onto the Otway Ranges and is just across the road from the Great Ocean Road and the open beaches. A great spot. We picked up a brochure from the park office that indicated where there were Glow-Worms easily visible just after dark at Greys River ... read more
Friendly parrot
Just let me sleep

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay May 13th 2013

Woke up this morning and the weather had improved and although cold, yes, cold it was at least dry. Decided to go to the information centre who told me the coastal path was just over there!!! pointing to the beach!!! Very helpful!!! Walked along the beach and the pathway on to the next beach still no sign of the coastal path, so decided to go to the Otway National Park. I looked at the map and could see there were two possible routes making a circular drive. So off I trot heading away from the Ocean road up into the hills. Turn left said the GPS which I duly did into something called Torrents Track, it didn't look much like a road but I thought well that's what the GPS said!! Well the road turned into ... read more
This was the rock
Castle Cove
Castle Cove

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay May 12th 2013

Second day of the Gt Ocean Road, ate a hearty breakfast and set off to Bells Beach where they hold the Ripcurl Pro surf championships apparently!! Must be true there were some pretty amazing waves there, you could see them forming quite a way out to sea. It was quite warm and the sun was shining. I watched some surfing some of them were really good going over the top of the waves and then back in front, very clever and what's more they all looked very fit, well have to have some excuse for ogling them I suppose. Next stop was Anglesea did not look much like the Anglesey in Wales but the weather was about right. By the time I got to Aireys Inlet it had just started to rain. I walked up to ... read more
Nearest I'll ever get to a shark, Anglesea
Airleys Inlet
Gt Ocean Road

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay March 4th 2013

Saturday was windy and cold, consequently we spent most of the day in the camp kitchen, drinking cups of tea and hoping that the huge intake of fluids would make us heavy enough to not be blown to NZ with the gusts. Eoin tried fishing in the morning, but by the time he set the casting ring, the sinker was behind him. Sunday dawned much nicer, clear blue skies, sunshine and a lightbreeze. After some morning housekeeping, we walked over to the harbour to try our luck. We had been fishing for about 15mins, when Gail caught her first ever fish. Unfortunately, it wasn't of a size suitable for the skillet, but she played it like a professional and bought it up to the wharf. Pleased as punch.Of course, photos were taken, and if you haven't ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay February 28th 2013

Monday night saw us digging out some warmer/waterproff clothing, what a difference a day makes! The heat and humidity of the previous week was just an uncomfortable memory. It rained Monday night and still Tuesday morning, when we got up to leave. We packed up what we could inside the tent and annexe and when BOM forecast a break, we quickly packed up our wet belongings. We headed off and rode to Anglesea, then through Aireys Inlet before stopping at Lorne for a well deserved cup of double shot coffee. This particular stretch is the start of the Great Ocean Road, remains one of the most spectacular tourist drives in the world. Hand built by returned WW1 soldier in honour of their fallen comrades and officially opened in 1932, it is also the world's biggest war ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay February 28th 2013

Due to the constant drizzle all day, we found ourselves tent bound, with only a walk to the shops for some essentials. (beer & chippies) This morning, rain, hail or shine, we were determined to go for a ride, so we took off early before the low clouds changed our minds. We headed inland and up to a little village called Forrest, on to Barwon Downs (a quick comfort stop). It was chilly up in the highlands, but for the most part sunny. We travelled on some beautiful back roads with only local traffic to keep us company. Bells Beach was our destination, and it had decided not to show any of its qualities and looked just like any other beach.....After a few photos, we continued along the same route that we had taken a few ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay January 24th 2013

The day starts off cloudy. I'm awake before sunrise, and before then - I never did adjust to sleeping on the mat. I packed up and am off by 7 am. I plan to make it to Geelong by the end of day, which is roughly 110 km. My intermediate goal is to reach Lorne by midday, which is 40 km away. Birds, cicadas, crashing waves - these sounds surround me as I quietly roll north. Northbound traffic is sparse - a couple of delivery trucks and only a few cars. There are quite a few road cyclists going south, and most say good morning or nod. The road is cut into the cliffside and a shoulder is there but it is not wide; I'm glad to be mostly alone. After 9 am the traffic increases ... read more
creek valleys
St Georges River

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay January 8th 2013

Apollo Bay We left Portland and took the B100 the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay. It was warm and sunny with beautiful blue skies and the land either side of the road was yellow either with hay to be harvested or grasses or we found grazing cattle. It looked like Dorset on a hot dry summer day. We stopped at Port Fairy for a coffee and read in the window of a shop, 'the best small town to live in' we walked around then took a drive and it is a really pretty place with a river and boats moored up alongside the jetty. The beach has white sand and spread out all along the bay. There were lots of people about and the place seemed lively, this is where we should have spent the ... read more
Port Fairy
Port Fairy
Fabulous Ocean

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Apollo Bay December 6th 2012

The wake up call from the captain on the Spirit of Tasmania came through at about 5:50 this morning and it was a much faster disembarking process than the trip to Tasmania. A bleak and dreary Melbourne morning greeted us back on the mainland. By the time we stopped at The Dunes for breakfast at Ocean Grove at about 9:00 am the early symptoms of delirium were kicking in. The hip breakfast venue was a cracking location overlooking the coast and after eggs and coffee we felt half human again. After breakfast we strolled along the beach for a while, this would be a terrific place to get fit if you lived in the area. The compact sand and gentle ocean waves would be a motivating factor to get active daily. The Great Ocean Road had ... read more

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