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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Western Arthurs November 10th 2017

One of our first trailer testing weekends involved a trip to the fabulous Lake Pedder. There were a few minor issues in getting underway and the bus found it heavy going when ascending steep hills but otherwise it was a good (albeit slow) trip. The weather forecast was almost perfect (low to mid 20's and slight winds) and we had expectations of some paddling opportunities. Lake Pedder (including the canal that links it to Lake Gordon) is Australia's largest freshwater lake. Our two kayak trips, however, only allowed us to cover a very small corner of Pedder! Of course, we also found time to visit and walk across the Gordon Dam, one of Tasmania's highest dams plus visit the Serpentine Dam, which provides the spillway for the two lakes. The ex-Hydro town of Strathgordon now has ... read more
Off to Lake Pedder
Lake Pedder Lookout
Lake Pedder

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Western Arthurs January 16th 2016

Even somewhere already as rugged as Tasmania's famed southwest, some places have a special reputation for their wildness and beauty. The Western Arthurs, a compact chain of mountains sprinkled with lakes some 80 kilometres west-southwest of Hobart, are one of those places. Indeed, every Tasmanian bushwalker worth his or her salt has seen the Arthurs, or has plans to go there one day. A few obstacles lie in the way, most notably the weather. Guidebooks go to great trouble to point out that the weather in Tasmania is notoriously unstable. Indeed, the southwest of the state is famed for its utterly foul weather, which can strike at any time of the year and swallow the foolhardy bushwalker whole. Storms appearing out of nowhere nowhere, bringing fog and freezing rain in the middle of summer, "snowfall in ... read more
Lake Oberon Panorama
Lake Cygnus
Lake Cygnus

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