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April 13th 2011
Published: April 12th 2011
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Morning Adam.
Several months ago I was blown away by the events that unfolded when I returned to the road after months of work (boo!!). I spent 8 months of 2010 in Broome (Western Australia) and will spend an amount of time there in 2011 unless I either win lotto or someone gives me a house. I had a great plan upon departure which was crumpled after 3 days when I was in Karratha and it was akin to a tragedy and after I picked myself up after a half hour bottomless cup of coffee a beautiful korean girl came on to the scene to ensure my worries were behind me. The initial brief conversation was quick and concise.

"Are you travelling through?" I asked knowing full well that she indeed was.
"Yes I have a Greyhound bus ticket and I'm waiting for the bus to come." she replied.
"Do you like the Greyhound bus?"
"I'm getting a bit lonely"
"I'm leaving town now and you are welcome to come with me if you want."

There may have - and probably were - a few more words spoken during that conversation but that saw a drive in to the darkness begin.

Stopped at a level crossing not far out of Karratha.
I left Karratha with my new passanger and drove off in to the sunset. I have included a photo (taken by her) to prove that the sun was indeed setting when we left Karratha and were waiting at a level crossing for a train to pass. That was the beginning of a fantastic week and I was in Perth for less than a week before leaving for Adelaide where I had a great time and then went to Victoria where I was offered work in various parts of the state and I was in and out of Melbourne and you may be thinking that I am in a hurry to get through this by my long sentences. Yes, lots happened and it was really cool. So by the time I had done these jobs in Victoria I started having car problems. I'm getting old and I don't like problems of any kind so I was very grumpy most of the time and finally decided to get over to Tasmania where I would be able to have the car in bits for a period of time if I needed to. I didn't need to and I was able to fix the

At the lighthouse in Exmouth. This is an incredible spot which is elevated and offers great views of the ocean. I have a photo that demonstrates that but I can't be bothered uploading it.
car with minimal fuss and so now I am here at my dad's place in Tasmania enjoying life and goats. Yes, goats. Goat products as well. Goat milk coffee is a favourite of mine. So that is it up until now but in a week or two I'm taking the Spirit of Tasmania back to Melbourne and I have a feeling lots of cool stuff is going to happen next month. I look forward to it.

Additional photos below
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A rock formation located on the way out of Exmouth. The existence of this and the formations surrounding it is due to the fact that people wanted to destroy the landscape to see if they could make money by ripping up the ground.

This is the village at the WA/SA border. It's a favourite place of mine.

In Tasmania.

Goats!! The only goat I know in the selection of the herd is Twinkle. She is the one with black on her. Twinkle is a funny goat.

The dog in this picture is Susie. She loves rounding up the goats but unfortunately she is getting old and probably won't be around next season. She's a fantastic dog.

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